I've got Butterfly's over this one!!

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  1. I went in planning on something else until they pulled this beauty from the back. Took my breath away. Quick snap from the car.

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  2. One of a kind!!
  3. Beautiful! I've been trying to find this. Is it online yet?
  4. No it's not. They won't put it out until next week. They have the forest swagger on the floor, but that's not online either.
  5. Thanks... the Coach store is over an hour away. (the outlet is only 15 mins. away but they won't carry it). I`ll wait and get it online. What is the largest size this comes in? I heard it only comes in small sizes.
  6. Yes, I believe that's correct this is the 27. It comes smaller too I think, but I don't believe larger.
  7. So cute! [emoji173]️
  8. Yep, I bought the 21 last week and they said it only comes in 21 and 27.

    It's soooooo cute, congrats!!
  9. Cute!!
  10. Oh wow .. that is stunning! May I ask how much in USD (I will convert to CDN ;) ).
  11. I believe the 21 is $495 and the 27 is $695
  12. Very nice!!! :smile:
  13. Super cute, enjoy!
  14. Pretty!
  15. Thanks :smile:
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