I've got a present coming

  1. I thought I would get some people to get excited with me. Now I have to wait :girlsigh:

    melliesmom10 and dressage queen Thank you for all your help and feedback. (Dont give it up to fast)
  2. i'm here to share your excitement and can't wait to see what pressie you got...
  3. I have to wait until Thursday to receive it as its to late to send today they have to ship tomorrow.

    I'm just antsy and I wanted to some company to get me thru the next couple days
  4. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG is it a matte croc birkin?????
  5. It is not my dream 35 Black Matte Porosus Birkin but.....
  6. Oh, I suspect I know what it is...if its what I think I know what it is, then...WoW!
  7. I think I know :graucho:
  8. I know I have the worst kept secret in the world.
  9. Lets just say I expect it will go with everything, which is good cuz I think I have to sell 1/2 my handbag collection to pay for it.
  10. I was actually just about to PM you to see what you decided. I can't wait to see it :nuts:
  11. But...shhhh...we'll keep your secret...you deserve your reveal (and since the search function is down)....
  12. I am weak, what can I say
  13. i cant wait to see what it is!
  14. This is exciting and mysterious! Can't wait to see your reveal!

  15. Here weak=good...where would we all be without a little weakness, eh?