I've escaped my bag ban from DH... What's next???

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Which one from Fall Collection should I get?

  1. 3D Taupe Lambskin

  2. Brown/Plum Patent

  3. Grey Patent

  4. Pink Lambskin

  5. Purple Lambskin

  6. Purple Patent

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  1. #1 Jun 27, 2010
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2010
    I was put on a bag ban my DH after our Europe trip in April and my birthday gifts in May.

    He was serious when he mentioned about the ban.

    But I managed to escape the ban this round. But for only 1 bag....

    One of my "REASON 101"
    1) Chanel is so classic and it never goes out of season. USED
    2) Chanel is so well made. I think your DD will get to inherit them later. USED
    26) I don't have this colour and it is so sort after. My SA only have one last one left on hold for me. USED
    73) I just gave birth to a DS. Your son. I deserve to be rewarded! USED
    101) Whenever you buy a watch (that is not for me or bought as agreed), I get to buy a bag. CHECKED!!! :yahoo:

    So for now, I'm stuck. I'm not sure which one should I choose from the Fall collection. I have seen some posted here by our lovely TPFers and I have shortlisted some of them.

    Please help me choose wisely. I have to try to come out with reason # 102 soon!

    1) 3D Taupe Lambskin
    2) Brown/Plum Patent
    3) Grey Patent
    4) Pink Lambskin
    5) Purple Lambskin
    6) Purple Patent

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  2. Purple Patent (shown on a wallet)

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  3. I would say Chanel 3. It's because you must already have lots of classics already. Diversify your collection.
  4. I voted Purple Lamb since It's so very beautiful. I'm not one for patent unless it's in small doses, so those are out. What's in your collection now? What do you need?
  5. Tough choices?! I'd go for the Purple lamb... but having seen some of your recent reveals, I'm sure that you will convince DH for more than one! :graucho:
  6. I vote for 3D Taupe Lambskin! An "unusual" to add to your collection.
  7. I defo vote for purple lamb....!!!!!
  8. These are what I have.


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  9. I wanted this so much when I first saw it here but I'm not a "risk taker" I also thought so about diversifying my collection. But I don't always get away with my ban and I have to just watch those painful pictures posted here and fell so sour about it. LOL!

  10. ^LOL

    You really have lots of classics already. Even if lots of tPFers say classic flaps go with casual wears, I personally really don't feel classic flaps go that well with casual wears. Pick Chanel 3. It has more casual look.
  11. I'm sticking to Purple. It would look great in your collection.
  12. I love the Chanel 3. I saw it at a trunk show last week and it is so soft and beautiful. It is also more casual. Only downside is a somewhat short drop on the chain. Good luck!

  13. 3D Taupe!!! :yes::yes::yes::smile:
  14. Hands down I would choose the Purple Lambskin!
  15. pink lamb