I've been a naughty girl...

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  1. ...so I guess I'll have to confess my sins :P

    I was just going to buy a purse... And that I did. Fell for this Daria french purse in mouse grey soft spongy leather.


    ...and then I just took aa stroll around the shop. And a beauty called my name and begged to come home with me... I tried to walk past her. She called me back. I admired her on my arm in the mirror. She didn't want to let go and be put back on the shelve...

    But I stayed strong. I left Mulberry, browsed around the rest of the shops, had lunch... and convinced myself that I really didn't need her.
    I just had to go and take a second look, you know, just to be completely sure and say my farewell.

    And then the shelve was empty! And I realised how utterly wrong I was! :sad::cry:

    But luckily, it turned out that they had tons more in the cupboard! Phew. Otherwise I'd never have slept again...

    ...So here she is: Graphite pebbled Bayswater! :love:

  2. Oh fab bag and lovely purse. I understand that you could not leave her in the shop. She does look really lovely. Congratulations!!
  3. Loverly
  4. Fabulous classy bag and purse.....congratulations!
  5. Congrats and you have been naughty :graucho:
  6. Congratulation!
    Beautiful bag and purse.I love my Daria french purse so much and i'm sure you'll love it too.
  7. Gorgeous Bays! I don't blame you for having to bring her home :smile:
  8. Being naughty is good! Hehe. Congratulations on both items.
  9. Lovely, enjoy using them :smile:

    You have been bitten by the Mulberry bug now
  10. Naughty + Mulberry = contradiction in terms (same as need + shoes) ..
    Think of it this way, you have actually been VERY good ??? (well, you only bought 2 items !!!).
    Both lovely, enjoy lots, xH
  11. Thank you, girls! I'm absolutely smitten with her! And the purse too, they go so well together.

    Thank you.
    That bug got to me some years ago... This is actually my third Bays. :cool:
  12. it is a great bag -congratulations bag twin! It goes with so much and does look more interesting and not as formal as black IMO .
    I managed to resist the purse at the time but seeing your photo does make me think again..,..enjoy!
  13. Ooh can we see a family pic?
  14. I've actually been trying to take a pic of my collection (which is a sad little thing compared to others here on tpf...) a few times, but I only have my iPhone camera, and it just doesn't do my babies justice!

    Must go camera-shopping! :biggrin:
  15. Lovely, congrats (eller tillykke :P )