It's that time of year again! Need help with GF's Birthday Present! :)

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Well, it's that time of year again! You were all so helpful last year when I was looking for a handbag to give my GF for her birthday and for those of you who remember it was a huge success. The bag was the Mark Jacobs Eggshell White Hobo seen below.

    So, last year eveyone here told me that white was very "in" and that she would love it and she did, so I look to you all again to find out what's hot this year and for suggestions on what to get her.

    In terms of bags she tends to like medium to large bags. Her favorites are the bag I got her last year, her chocolate Fendi Spybag, her brown Ballenciaga Motorcycle bag and her black Prada canvas bag.

    This year I need ideas for two purses. One from me and one that will be from her parents. Her parents would like to get her a black bag for evening wear. Money isn't really an issue on this one within reason.

    I would like to keep with my theme from last year and get her something spring/summer and "in". Something a bit more fun. Is white still "in"? What should I be looking at? What would make her go "Wow, how beautiful!" or "How fun!". I want to get her something she will wear like her Marc Jacobs which she wore amost EVERY day until she had to retire it in the fall. As soon as March 1st rolled around (that's the date right?) the Marc Jacobs was back. So, my budget is around $1,000 for this present but I'm most concerned with getting her something that will really bring a smiler to her face.

    Thanks in advance for all your help Ladies! You helped make her birthday last year one to rermember.
    MJ Bag.jpg
  2. Wow! What a great BF you are! Can I send to DH to you for training on how to feed my handbag obsession?

    All kidding aside, I wasn't a member last year so I wasn't "in" on your gift for your GF, but you mentioned something spring like and fun...

    Kooba has some beautiful spring colors for their bags, which are in the $500-650 range. http://www.kooba,com

    Or maybe a light colored LV mini lin speedy

    I'm sure that the other members of this forum will come up with many, many more fabulous suggestions!
  3. is she an avid fan of any one brand in particular?

    a mini lin speedy is a great idea (new bag/very functional), but the white is going to be a ***** to keep clean. maybe a speedy in the damier azur...definitely new and fun...if you can find one, of course.

    as for her parents, when you say evening, do you mean a clutch? calvin klein collection has nice clutches in and around a grand, and if you can go upwards from there, i'd look into bottega veneta who make THE most amazing clutches ever.

    good luck!
  4. You are a boyfriend from the premium class! I would suggest something wonderful like a Giles Deacon clutch for the evening choice and maybe something metallic or cobalt blue for the 'on trend' choice from you - amazing options out there including offerings from Armani, Anya Hindmarch, Michael Kors, Chanel etc.
  5. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions thus far. Keep them coming! :smile: I'll look into the speedy.

    So, is color the "in" thing this spring? If so what's the most versatile color? I would like to get something she could use regularly.

    For the evening bag she's not a big fan of clutches, although sometimes she does like to borrow them for people. I think more of a small to medium sized bag that she can wear out to a nice dinner or when she gets all dressed up in the evenings, but more along the lines of an armbag then a clutch. For this the budget can be up to $1,750 I think.

    Thanks again for all your help thus far!
  6. anya hindmarch would be a great label to look into for an medium over-the-shoulder bag...

    the alessandra in gold is fun and super versatile.
  7. Okay...You're a keeper. :smile: I have the first two bags you mentioned that she likes (the Spy and the same Balenciaga) and though this is different from those, this Gucci is what caught my eye this Spring. It is a little more than you said, but it can be used for evening, if it's not a formal affair. Heck, I carry it everywhere. Mainly, it's perfect for evenings out for cocktails and dinner. Here's the link and this is where I ordered from.

    Obviously it's not black, but maybe it would be okay for her parents' gift?

    Good luck! Everybody who is not married is going to ask you if you have a brother. :~)
  8. What about a Chloe white hobo? I saw it in NM few days ago but unfortunatley forgot the name. and NM site is down..
  9. i love the mini lin speedy idea, that's gettin my vote.
  10. ^^^Mini Lin Speedy!!! SO cute! I have one and it is my absolute FAVORITE bag!

  11. Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Fendi Spy........With this in mind I say go with YSL Downtown Bag or the Balenciaga Giant Hardware Bags. In terms of color, I would venture that she would get a lot of compliments on whatever color any of the two bags come in. For evening, have you seen the Jimmy Choo clutches? They are really amazing. Seeing that her parents are willing to spend more money, maybe in an exotic leather such as python may be nice or a lovely Chanel bag.
  12. First of all, you are a real doll to go to such lengths to find a wonderful present for your GF. If money is not an issue, tell her parents to consider a Chanel black classic flap in either lambskin or caviar leather. The medium size is the ultimate evening bag. Now, for a fun spring/summer bag from you .......
    Gucci - $765
    or a Louis Vuitton epi Speedy 25 in red.
  13. Wow! The Marc Jacobs is really beautiful! i hope my DH can buy some for me real soon! LOL!