It's not BV, but it reminds me of...

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  1. Just like a baseball reminds us of the cervo hobo and a burnt marshmallow reminds us of that gorgeous cabat, I thought there might be more things in real life that remind us of something BV!
  2. My sterling fish necklace .... and peltro leather!
    image-1124145243.jpg image-3981624121.jpg image-2498466739.jpg
  3. it sure does look BV
    it is very pretty
  4. Thanks, SS! I hope others will post pictures!!
  5. That is a gorgeous necklace, and really matches the Peltro leather beautifully. I can honestly write that I haven't ever thought of anything else with my small collection - I can't even see the 'straw' in my NV - others can, but I can't; I'm thinking of laying it across one of my many baskets (I'm a fan) but - ? I think it's probably because I am a fan of the weave in both baskets and BV that I can't see the resemblance between the two. :biggrin:
  6. Your idea is so brilliant! I wish I had something to contribute but I am a bit of a minimalist and limit my possessions. Now that you have planted the idea maybe as we BVettes are out and about, we'll see things that remind us. Thank you, Steve Jobs, for iphone cameras.
  7. That's a great idea, Indiaink!
  8. I second that!!!
  9. Fantastic pictures - inspiring, for sure!
  10. Thanks, dpt!
  11. Love your fish necklace, and yes thanks to Steve Jobs and Tim Cook for my iPhone camera and the positive growth on my AAPL stock. Will look for photo ops that remind me of BV.
  12. wow that is really cool looking beside each other.
  13. Love the necklace...
  14. These studded nails remind me of Indiaink's studded wallet.
    studded nails.jpg Indiaink wallet.jpg
  15. I had to post because every time I see my vase I think of BV.

    View attachment 1894757