its my birthday month!!

  1. just wanted to celebrate another year of almost a quarter century old big 23 to be exact (Aug. 25th) its a month long celebration that i started last year... ill be in Vegas labor day weekend ... hope i see u there~~:yahoo:
  2. Happy b-day!

  3. My birthday is Labor Day weekend! hhaha Sept 1st! Lets party together!!!

    Happy Birthday month!!!
  4. oh wow!! mines August 25th but like i said its a month long celebration....will u be attending pimp and hoes at the palms??
  5. Happy Birthday.
  6. Nope, not really my scene.
    But I will probably hit up on of the clubs at the palms, and all of the ones on the strip:wlae::yahoo: haha.
  7. Have a great birthday.
  8. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
  9. wooo hoooo Happy Birthday!!
  10. Happy birthday! Wish I could celebrate my birthday for a whole month
  11. My birthday is the day before yours! And yep, the celebrating has already begun, lol... got to pick out some great presents already! But I'm a little older... this year is the quarter of a century birthday - SCARY!!! I'll be celebrating with a weekend in nyc with my bf, among other things. Have fun in Vegas!!!
  12. thanks everyone!! and blue824 happy bday month to u as well...... in school until my 21st bday i would pack all my friends to knotts berry farm....atleast 20 of us would go...then last year i just decided to celebrate it all month long!!!!! soooo everyone who was born this month HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! ill post i celebrate....
    heres one from lst weekend....
    Heddecel, Nozomi and me MARY KAY!!!
  13. hey, my birthday is august, 27th. :woohoo:
  14. Aug 19th here, the big 2 5.
  15. Mine's the 18th..... I'll be 31 :wtf: