It's double reveal time!

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  1. First, I wanted to thank everyone for all of their help over the last couple of days...I really appreciate it!

    Second, my puppy would like to welcome you to a double reveal...
  2. Starting with the smaller box first...


  3. And here they are! My lovely SA just pulled these out because they are a size 35...turns out that they were the last pair from the Paris/Dallas collection. I adore Chanel flats and these are just darling, with the pointed cap toe and the gold camellia. They are going to be my 'formal' flats. I'm also happy that these are calfskin and not lambskin. Please ignore the random blonde dog hair in the first picture!

    And mod shots, in case these are helpful to see on an actual foot.

  4. And here is the other box!
    What could it be but...
  5. Exciting!! Gorgeous shoes, classic choice, congrats x
  6. ... my new classic black lambskin mini with SHW!

  7. A back view for reference...

    And a comparison shot with my navy iridescent calfskin coco pleats mini! That's DF holding the two bags... it was a rough night, haha... for my wallet!

    Thanks again for everyone's input on the colour! :biggrin:
  8. wow really love your coco pleats mini too! Congrats!
  9. Adorable puppy!! Congrats on your new beautiful goodies!!
  10. My god, I love those shoes!!!! I guess they stash previous season shoes at the back too. Great buys!!! both items are amazing. Congrats!!
  11. Those are great shoes and an adorable mini! Congrats and enjoy your goodies!

  12. Thank you (and yes, she thinks so too... she thinks she's a puppy, but she's five and a half now!)

    Thanks! It's pretty much like a rectangular mini, so it makes me feel like I have both.

    They do. I would love to just hang out in their stockroom for an afternoon... you never know what you'll find back there! Even the SAs are surprised from time to time.
  13. Love the shoes & the bag!!! So glad you got the perfect Mini for you!!! Congrats & Enjoy!!!
  14. Oh big congrats on both! Those shoes are TDF. Sometimes I wonder what they're holding in the back where we can't see...:thinking: I think you're pretty lucky to get those! And your Mini is so gorgeous!
  15. Love your bag and shoes! Congrats!