It's a Dior Hawaii Festival Bag

Jun 14, 2007
The bag that mum bought me for xmas arrived and on the tag I was surprised that it read Hawaii World Festival 2006 as it wasn't mentioned in the auction.

I know they were produced and it's genuine but does anyone have any background info on this festival?

festival bag.jpg

festival tag.jpg
Jun 14, 2007
You've got be kidding, I am glad I picked this one, check this out, only 250 made:

Each year during World Festival, Dior features exclusive products for its Ala Moana Center store. This year Dior presents the Diorissimo logo jacquard medium hobo with pink patent leather trim & enamel i.d. plate. 250 will be available.
Dior is also pleased to offer worldwide exclusive "Baby Dior" tees. The girls' tee includes a pink metallic and beaded hibiscus print. The boys' tee features a blue tiki embroidered print. 300 girls' tees will be available and 80 boys' tees will be available, both tees are offered in sizes 2-12.
Retail: $530 (handbag)
$85-110 (baby tees)
Dior is located on the Mall Level. For more information call 943-6900.



Nov 14, 2006
I meant the bag was a pleasant surprise not you being nice :nuts::lol:

Nice pic luv, can't tell your drunk so you must handle your booze well then again your probably used it (who said that :wtf:)

darn that says something about me that i thought so , no ? :roflmfao:

yeah i handle my booze well...until the next morning when i cant handle anything and im half dead for the whole day :throwup:;)