It was all going so well...

  1. I have been a bit quiet on here recently as have been trying to avoid temptation, with only some success :p However, my good intentions went out of the window when I went to House of Fraser at lunchtime and took a little detour into the Mulberry section... :graucho:

    Anyone want to have a guess at what I got before I get home from work to take photos? Clue: it is a bag rather than accessory :biggrin:
  2. Give us a clue!
  3. Ooh :smile: del rey? Or Lily?
  4. oooh tell us, tell us :biggrin:
  5. Willow
  6. JeniA is warm!

    Elvis: I actually love the Willow now but am afraid my budget couldn't extend that far :sad:

    Another clue - the price is going up by an obscene £200 in a few weeks...
  7. That could be any of them!!!!, more clues
  8. Is it another medium Lily honey???
  9. Medium lily?
  10. LOL, it could be couldn't it - ridiculous price rises :nogood::tdown:

    It is! I bought the deer brown and it is soooooo lush - the colour is just absolutely beautiful! :love: I tend to save my black one for nights out now so will use the deer brown for daytime, think it will look particularly lovely in summer :cool:
  11. Ahhhh congrats hun
  12. I don't normally buy new unless in a sale or on discount but couldn't resist in this case - with the £200 price rise in a matter of weeks I would be lucky to get it for this price in the sale! I also didn't want to risk missing out at saletime.
  13. Thanks hun, I am so pleased with it :smile: I really think this is one of the nicest bags Mulberry have made in the last few years and it is so versatile.
  14. Congrats a wonderful choice! I absolutely love deer brown, it's such a classy neutral and will be perfect when the sun comes out! Is it really going up by £200 soon? That's absurd! Any other imminent price hoiks you can share with us?! xx
  15. Whaaaat another price increase, what a joke :nono: anyone know what will be affected?