isoldit sellers! WTF?

  1. I really don't understand how these isoldit sellers can list & sell fake bags over & over again. I guess eBay won't shut down the accounts because they bring in so much for eBay. Look at this dirty fake bag 270106100223 :sick:
  2. It's horrible. I believe some of those isoldit sites are affiliated with eBay.
  3. Yuk!
    I don't know how they get away with it either.
  4. The crazy thing is they turned away an authentic Coach I had because they don't know what's what. Over and over I see fakes listed by them.
  5. They sell a lot of fakes and real. They are super high volume and don't know fake from real.
  6. :shocked: OH! A few times ago, a fellow tPFfer posted, isoldit selling fake LV mono :yucky: It mean we have to more carefully, isoldit mix up auth & fake items in their auct.
  7. I'd never heard of these. Fortunately I don't think we have them in the UK.
  8. Those places dont know fake from real.

    There is one like isold it here in Alaska near me (not sure what it is called, but they sell on eBay for you).

    The one time I went in, it was a couple of teenagers/college kids working it. 2 guys. They have no idea what a designer bag is. LOL

    So, really, I am not surprised at all!
  9. Isoldit is owned by ebay. That's why they won't shut them down.
  10. I am not an expert on Chloe - if you want a definite answer you should post it on the authenticate this thread in the Chloe forum - I hope it is real though:yes:
  11. :wtf: :wtf: ......... :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: .........
    I didn't know that it's owned by ebay. Ebay sucks!
  12. Just keep reporting them! I think they get like 2 chanes and then their account is suspened
  13. This explains a lot! I was wondering how they stayed in business when they are horrible auction sellers.

    I was looking at a bag from one of them and they wouldn't respond to my questions (two very basic questions left out of the listing about the item). It really sucked because it was such a rare bag and looked authentic. I didn't bid because I didn't trust that the seller couldn't even RESPOND to my e-mails (yes I wanted the item enough I sent 2 e-mails).
  14. Wow, they are owned by ebay! I am not surprised by anything that ebay does anymore!