Is your newest bag always your

  1. favorite for the time being????? My new bag is my favorite child right now - which is sure to make all its very impressive siblings feel neglected. Is this normal bag owner behavior?
  2. LOL! I think it's "normal" in the purse obsessed disorder! All of the girls here have the disorder to a certain degree :smile:
  3. I LOVE your signature statement!!
  4. Absolutely!!!
  5. totally - i feel like my bags have a pecking order -- and the new girl on the block always trumps the others. but the best thing is when an old favorite that i thought i'd never use much again suddenly seems so perfect again. that is the best!:P
  6. It is for me!
  7. totally, i love my b-bag :smile:
  8. Sometimes yeah.. but there are still some bags that can never be moved from their place in my heart !
  9. YES! And I am definitely guilty of this purse obsession/addiction. Now it is to the point where, by the time one arrives, I am already looking at two more!
  10. Yes, the new bags always are at the top of my favorite list. Do any of you think there is a reason why some women (or men) are obsessed with purses over shoes, or vice versa? Maybe its genetics, I definitly have the purse obsession gene, ha ha.
  11. OMG, I am so with you there!!!!My Roxy was still in the Nordstrom's shopping bag when I decided I had to have a black silverado!!!!!!
  12. Isn't that too true!
  13. Definitely.
  14. Totally normal. I just got my Speedy 25, and I'm in love with it. I almost want to sleep with it - which I'm fairly certain is NOT normal.
  15. Not for me... I don't know that I have a favorite, but some are more "useful" than others.... I always use whatever's most convenient, and that ends up being my favorite!