Is this website legit?


Nov 4, 2007
ITA 100%!! sorry if i offended anyone!

i love TPF and actually would love to bring up the site just to keep people on their toes, i wonder if there is a way of actually reporting the site!

No problem! :flowers: It just that sometimes the fake sites take certain liberties with Mr. Louboutin's shoes. For example they'll make shoes in colors and materials that he didn't use. I just don't want anyone to be ripped off!
Mar 5, 2008
whats extremely upsetting is that I see google ads for this website on a lot of fashion blogs. What the hell? How can this be stopped?
I'm not sure there's much that can be done, unfortunately. I think the Google ads are just automatically generated loosely based on the content of the page, and the blogger doesn't have control over which ads are shown.


Dec 11, 2008
Everytime I see a google ad for louboutinbox, louboutinmall and all those other crappy sites I click the link below it that says something like GoogleAdWords and I make a complaint about the ad by saying that if violates Google Ad Words policies. I mention that the websites are committing fraud which is a felony and Google should not be party to its promotion.

I have NO idea if it does anything, but it's all I can do and with google tracking all our searches, I would at least prefer better advertisements.

Maybe if others do it as well, Google'll start to take these complaints seriously.