Is this one of the side effects of Balenciaga addiction?

  1. I got back late from work and saw that Parcelforce had left a note that they tried to deliver my 04 large clutch. I assumed they would try again the next day but noticed on the card that they actually delivered it but to someone I don't know!:shocked: And all they wrote was the building number! :cursing:

    So I start panicking and imagining all the worst scenarios, while my friend is just laughing at me because I'm muttering about knocking on every damn door in the building lol :rolleyes:

    Thankfully I got enough sense to look online for the the name, but obviously not enough since I read that "Ms I Horse" (what the hell is wrong with me?!) had my clutch instead of "Ms I Hoare" lol:upsidedown:

    Seriously, I would never get this worried about anything other than Balenciaga! It's so bad that I can't even watch tv without worrying about whether the parcel is really safe every few minutes:weird:

    It's too late for me to get it tonight so I'm going to have to wait till tomorrow morning:sad: This sucks big time as it means I'm gonna have trouble sleeping...I just won't stop worrying until it's in my arms!:sweatdrop: I'm sick right?:crybaby:
  2. awe, i'm sorry about that girl, but i think it's called "b-bag brain" (similiar to "baby brain" :p)...hope your new clutch arrives safe & sound tomorrow...btw, which lovely color did you get (?) :love:
  3. Thanx aaa! It's the 04 black large clutch! :heart:
  4. I'm sure you'll have it soon !!!
  5. Loss of sleep. Its a common side effect. Also known side effects: can cause butterflies while in transit, heartburn or indigestion in public places when Bbag is surrounded by crazy, careless, ignorant strangers.
  6. OMG those are soo my symptoms!! :roflmfao:
  7. I feel your pain. Knowing that the bag is so close, but yet so far!!

    Let us know when the clutch is safe in your hands!

    And post pics!:smile: :smile:
  8. aww.. hope you get your clutch into your hands safely! It sounds gorgeous!! but all the bbags you get are gorgeous perce...
  9. So true! :roflmfao:
  10. percephonie, I hope you get your clutch back soon!
  11. Try to rest easy, and I'm sure you'll get ya clutch REALLY soon.

    Be sure to post pics!!
  12. ^^ wow, where'd you find that baby?! :nuts:

    p.s. you must post photos upon arrival :heart:
  13. I can't wait to see some pics. I want one of the oversize clutches so bad!
  14. Can't wait for the pix, congrats!!
  15. OMG :wtf: poor girl - I can feel your pain :sad: !!!! But - good news: it's already Friday morning now ;) ..... and I'm pretty sure you'll get the package very soon :yes: !! Fingers crossed ! Please keep us updated !
    Good luck 'F' perce..... :tender: :p