Is this normal- Classic Box in Natural Calfskin

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Would you keep this one or exchange for the black?

  1. Keep the natural calfskin

    5 vote(s)
  2. Exchange for the black

    4 vote(s)
  1. Hi!

    This is my first post after being long time reader! I decided to purchase my dream bag after years of waiting. I went back and forth between the black and the natural calfskin. I ended up choosing the natural calfskin as I have quite a few black bags and only one in the tan color. When I received the bag I noticed that it had a bit of streaking on the front- the sales associate said this is normal with this type of leather. I noticed that the side of the bag seemed a bit wrinkled- the SA said that this would happen over time with all of the classic boxes do to the accordion style construction of the bag. There was one other one in the store in the natural calfskin and it was even more wrinkled on the side. I didn't notice any of the other colors having this on the side. Has this happened to any of your Classic Box's over time? Would you be okay if the bag looked like this on the side? For such a steep price point I would like it to be perfect when I first receive it- I know that it will definitely get scratched later on though :smile: Luckily I am able to exchange it for a black one or a different color. Thank you!!

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  2. Hey dear. What a beautiful bag! The majority of my Céline collection are all in Natural Calfskin and I LOVE the streaking.

    I have this exact bag and I would recommend you to exchange it. The wrinkling on Natural Calfskin is normal, but usually larger bags near the base where the bag sits. It is a bit abnormal for the leather to wrinkle so much on the sides of the Classic.
  3. It's normal, but if it bothers you, you should exchange it if you can.
  4. My natural calfskin box doesn’t have such pronounced wrinkles on the sides. I got my bag last month btw.

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