is this buyers remorse? what should I do with this buyer?

  1. Hi there,

    I would welcome anyone's advice here. I sold my Louis Vuitton Luco purse on eBay last week. The bag is a great bag, virtually unused. I'm moving and since I never use it, I figured I would sell it rather than keep it in storage any longer. ( The bag is posted here: )

    As you see in the post, I agreed to accept a return only in the case of an authenticy dispute. The seller has now sent me a couple emails complaining about a "sour odor" which I never noticed while owning, selling, or shipping the bag. Maybe there is an odor I didn't notice, but I kind of feel like this may be a case of buyers remorse which is precisely why I agreed to returns only in the case of authenticity. She's also sticking on this whole deal about finding the tags which even in the posting I said I may or may not have -- She seems to be a big seller on eBay and I suspect she may be wanting to flip the bag on her eBay store.

    I'm really not sure what to do here. I agreed to her request to refund her $10 for the "odor" but I kind of want this deal to just squared away. I am about to leave for 3 months of vacation and dealing with some reluctant buyer is definitely not one of my priorities.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
  2. I think that she probably does have buyer's remorse...a sour odor? That's odd, especially because I'm sure that if you held that bag close to find any problems for your listing, you would have smelled it. She's probably making it up. Has she asked straight out for proof of authenticity?

    If she wants to flip the bag and has realized the profit margin is unfavorable, that's her problem. I feel like as far as you're concerned, the transaction has ended. You've attempted to mitigate a very odd request, and then she has second request? Will she have a third request after that as well? I wouldn't bother.
  3. The odor (if in fact any was detected) must not have been too bothersome if $10.00 was all it took to clear it up. :nuts: IMHO buyer's remorse is a safe call. Finding fault where none exists suggests she's looking for a way out of the deal. Just let it go and hope she fades into the background. Enjoy your vacation!
  4. I notice you've left her feedback while she has yet to submit yours. I know some may disagree but its my policy to wait until buyer submits feedback before I reciprocate. The reason being I need to be absolutely certain the deal closed well. If there are unanticipated problems I want the opportunity to resolve them. Leaving buyer feedback first puts Seller in a vulnerable position. I hope everything works out for you.
  5. I suggest that if you have agreed to a settlement over the odour issue that you just remind her that you stated the situation over the tags and agreed to close the matter.

    I also agree about the feedback - I've been selling all sorts of stuff on eBay for years (1658 feedback) and always wait until the Buyer leaves feedback before I do.

    Good Luck - I hope she goes away.

    Enjoy the vacation.
  6. I agree w/ BOTH your posts, chloebalenciaga. In the future, wait until you've received feedback until you leave yours - this is pretty standard among sellers. Also, I would agree this sounds like buyer's remorse - which, I might had, happened almost EXACTLY this way to me with a psycho buyer I've posted on this forum about. He got the bag, said it "looked good and he believed it to be authentic," then the next day, he tells me it's (1) a fake, (2) it's stained, and (3) it has a "sour smell." I had to fight this one tooth and nail - if you want this headache gone, just do what she asks, and then if you want, you can follow-up to the feedback you received, and respond differently.