Is the Paddy too heavy for a every day purse?Which colour?

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  1. I would like to spoil myself with a paddy and I was just wondering if it's hard to carry around because of the padlock? I tried the paddy with the extra zipped compartment and that was way to heavy for being a comfy bag. I really love the look of this bag but for this $$$ is has to be comfy. What are your experience with it? I'm torne between the dark grey, light blue and off white. Opinions please! Probably the darkgrey would match everything and isn't sensitive to dirt. I love it:love: :love: .
    Thanks for helping!!
  2. The paddy isnt really too heavy to use everyday, especially if you carry it on the shoulder :biggrin: I like the new black too, I had one but it was missing some leather and sadly it had to go back :sad: I like that color, or the ivory.
  3. Mine is black, easy to match with every outfit. But I guess darK grey(Noir)is a nice color too. I havent seen that in REAL. I guess CHOCO color is fabulous too.
    Its heavy, but hey, dont worry, u will get use to it!!
    I think u should go for a color that u really like and easy to match with your outfit.
  4. I actually love the grey! Chocolate is lovely too but I've so many brown bags. I think darkgrey is as easy with the outfits as black. Jow do you actually close it? Do you always have to unlock the padlock and then open the zipper?
  5. The gray one is beautiful!
    Please get that one and show us the pics!
  6. I wouldn't take it full of stuff shopping all day. It would be too heavy. Other than that, it's such a beautiful bag. I've got the whiskey and the choco and just love them. The whiskey def. goes with so much.
  7. I love the whiskey, too but I actually don't have a black or dark grey bag. I'm just a bit scared that the paddy is a bit too much of a fashion item. I gave myself another 2 weeks to really think about it before I buy her. Now my mind is just spinning around the grey paddy. Has anyone of you ever purchased at net-a-porter and know what the black box is they give you?
  8. The gray sounds lovely. I don't think it is too heavy to use as an everyday purse.

    Off topic a bit, I saw someone carrying a fake Paddy yesterday. I sped up to kind of take a look. Hehe.
  9. I bought my chocolate Paddy from net-a-porter. It comes packaged in a lovely black box with a ribbon, just like a nice present to yourself, LOL! The ivory one is lovely. I had ordered one brom BG but changed my mind about getting a second Paddy, and sent it back which was so hard to do!

    I wouldn't carry mine if I had to go somewhere and be on my feet all day, but I do use it for both work and non-work days.
  10. I don't think the paddy is too heavy. It is a bit heavier than most bags, but you get used to carrying it. My favorite out of the colors you're looking at is the dark grey. I saw it in person at NM before I bought a whiskey paddy from NAP, and the color is very nice!
  11. if you plan on shopping an entire day, it does get heavy on your shoulder/arm if you tend to carry a lot. but you do get used to it over time. build up those muscles!
  12. i think paddy is really lovely!!!!!!i love my dark silver one, it's very comfortable and goes with anything.....i don't find she's heavy, maybe just because i don't carry it for the whole day.....i'm really considering the idea of buying a red or an indigo one....which one should i choose????!!!!
  13. You could laways leave the padlock off on long days if you think it will make it too heavy. The bag by iteself isn't bad at all, just the lock is so heavy!
  14. I bought both my paddy's at NAP. They were very prompt and beautifully packaged. I kept the boxes. They make great storage!
  15. Ohhh, I remember reading about you getting your new black bag. It was missing leather?! :blink: what happened?