Is Prada Galleria bag out of style

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  1. Hi everyone!

    There is a small galleria bag on sales in a big deal(around 50%) in local outlet but I’m not sure if it’s practical or durable.

    Any option would be appropriated

    Thank you!

  2. I think it’s a classic bag.
  3. Agreed.
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  4. nope issa classic
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  5. It’s a classic design, clean, minimalist and practical. You can wear it to work or out shopping. It’s a Prada icon. I think I need one too! :smile:

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  6. Absolutely a classic!
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  7. A classic design!
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  8. Agreed, it’s a classic. I got it in red and I love it.
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  9. since it's a classic, I'd rather say it's more practical and you can wear it with any style and I don't think it'd ever be out of style
  10. This bag never goes out of style. I go to work with it, I travel with it. It’s so flexible and classy. It’s the best bag I ever purchased. I hope you managed to get it.

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  11. just purchased one and I love it! such a lovely dressy bag. it Looks great with dresses but also with pants. the shape and look is so classy it could go never out of style.
    + you can Dress it up or down. it's just perfect.
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  12. The only Prada bag that I feel like still worth buying.
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  13. I like it, personally. The shape is very classic to me. It's kind of comparable to the Givenchy Antigona, which also has a classic shape and is very practical. Although it came out a while ago, it's not as readily worn these days, but that's no matter because I see the shape of it as something that will work for a long, long time compared to something like the Chloe Nile.
  14. can anyone tell me why some galleria bags have a slot at the front side and others dont? whats the use for it?
  15. Older models have the slot which is purposed to put the key chain in it. Newer models don’t have the slot but the key chain just hangs down. I think the slot is pretty useless, I never put the chain in it.
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