Is Legit?

  1. Im not an expert but I do know a bit about the scarfs I own about 3 and have been investigating little things for a while now about the fake ones, some i can tell right away but they are getting better and better that sometimes its feeling it that can really tell you the diff from the real and cheap. If you post a picture I'll tell ya my opinion. :winkiss:
  2. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!!!!!!MYDESIGNERBRANDS.COM sells FAKES!!! and when i tried to return, they charged a 10% restocking fee, on top of the fact that I had to pay the $10.00 to ship it back to them! I called and customer service insisted that they are real, and when I informed her that they were certainly fake, she said "I'm Just a Customer Sales Rep, What do you want me to do?" so i asked her to put someone else on, and she did not even transfer the call, she put the phone down on the counter and someone else picked it up and was of no help either. They are a disgrace to all small businesses, and they claim to have only authentic's a downright lie! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! I wish this warning had been up when i was buying from there! Instead i got cheated out of my money, and have nothing to show for it, due to their "return policy" and the fact that they dont even pay for return shipping. MYDESIGNERBRANDS.COM is a BS operation. DONT BUY! FAKE FAKE FAKE. and the business is not even legit, sometimes the "customer service" doesn't even pick up the call, because they clearly don't have enough people working there to even pretend to be a legitimate business! FAKE FAKE FAKE!
  3. I have bought from mydesignerbrands and they definately look original
  4. Please post pics so we can see what you purchased. Original does not equal authentic.
  5. This forum about is old. I have read several mix reviews of this site selling authentic bags and I am not sure about it. Could you please give your professional advice. Thanks
  6. I say fakes. Some of the brands they are selling are never sold on third party websites.
  7. Hi, this website sell fakes, several bags from them has been confirmed fakes. There are also more threads on this.

    Hope it helps.
  8. Hi Fellow Bag Lovers (and haters of counterfeits!) --

    ALL THE BAGS on MYDESIGNERBRANDS website are 100% fake. I was curious... I'll admit... so I ordered several Pradas, Fendis, Tods, Balenciagas, etc... and when they arrived, lo and behold, I could see they were FAKE. I called the company (and someone actually answered!) and I told them the bags were 100% fake and I wanted a refund... we'll get to that part later.

    Anyway, Lorraine at customer service insisted they were real -- I told her I knew they weren't -- I've been selling authentic bags for 12 years on eBay, and I'm a little tough to fool. I told her if she wasted any more of my time, I was going to turn the bags over to the FBI -- even that didn't convince her to confess!

    Soooooo... I called my friend who is the President of US SALES for Riri zippers. These are the zippers used tons of high end bags, like Prada, Thomas Wylde, Balenciaga, etc etc. I showed him the bags I got from this company and he was NOT happy -- the zippers were FAKE. TOTALLY 100% FAKE. And fake zippers mean only one thing. FAKE BAGS.

    The moral of the story: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    Don't get suckered by their false claims!

    As for my refund... it's been 2 1/2 months -- I haven't seen a penny yet. But they haven't heard the last of me!!!!
  9. I wonder if u could bring 1 of the bags to the official boutique of the brand and ask for their opinion if the item is fake or not?

  10. Can anyone verify if this site is legit or fake? The prices seem too good to be true which makes me think it's not real.... help!!
  11. Hi, I moved your thread here. This thread has a lot of info on this website.

    Hope it helps.

  12. oh dear, i was thinking of buying a prada bag from them. thanks for the info!
  13. :cool:

  14. hope you get your refund soon