Is Legit?

  1. bump...please help!!!
  2. Does it sell Authentic bags? Did anyone try it?
  3. Anyone can help me!!
  4. Looks fake to me. The balenciagas are definitely fakes.
  5. I don't know but I'm leary about all sites but Elux. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. :shame:
  6. fake fake fake
  7. My sister bought a bag from them and it looks original..:sad:
  8. Does this site sell authentic bags? They have products from reputable stores, but for some reason I am leery.
  9. :sad:
  10. the site you are questioning looks like a search engine site to me, not like an online store that sells...I don't think your question can be answered since the site links you to many different websites that can not be verified necessarily..
  11. You're right!!!! What about and They were stores featured on the search engine.
  12. it's (w/out the "s")

    It looks ok to me
  13. it's (w/out the "s")

    It looks ok to me
  14. oops!!! Thanks...