Is it wrong to leave Neutral Feedback?

  1. Won an item on 7/1/12...
    Paid for item on 7/5/12...
    Paid for Priority Shipping...
    Item coming from west coast to southeast
    Received item today.....
    Item was great, very happy with it.........
    But 15 days?
    May have been the seller, may have been the post office, but I have no way to verify which. Seller said on 7/14 that it had already been shipped....
  2. IMHO, yes, it is wrong.
  3. I would check the postage stamp on the package for the date was shipping (if there is no tracking#) and leave a positive feedback (since the item was great) and leave 3 or 4 star for the shipping.
  4. Shouldn't she have proof of the date it was posted? I don't think it's right to leave neutral feedback if you don't KNOW that it was the seller who caused the delay.
  5. The printed label said 7/12/12.
  6. are you happy with the item? THAT is your feedback. The stars reflect specific 'happy happy'. I'd also leave FB like "won 7/1, pd 7/5, shipped 7/12"

    Also, what does the seller's shipping terms state? any specific day they ship or time frame that they ship?

  7. Agree here.
  8. Well, I have in my terms, 4 business days for handling; never use that much, but just in case. So, in my case, counting the weekend in there......

    You waited 4 days to pay, she shipped in 4 or 5 business days, then right? Was it paid in the evening?
    I cannot get too excited about sellers taking a few days to ship, but that is me.
  9. Agreed. If you took a few days to pay, she may have also taken a few days to ship, and then there's a weekend in there as well. If you're happy with the item, I would probably not leave neutral for this.
  10. Unless there was something else I was unhappy with I would not leave a neutral for this. It is holiday time - everything is a bit slower.
  11. I personally think if you're happy with the item, you should leave positive FB. Shipping is important, but not nearly as much so as the item you received.
  12. She may have printed the label on 7-12-12 but if you didn't receive until today (20th) then she probably didn't deliver it to the post office until well after the 12th. It doesn't normally take a week for Priority Mail to be deliveried. Of course there still is the chance that UPSP is at fault .......sorry - not much help but I wouldn't leave a neutral but might mention the delay in the positive feedback.

    Paid on the 5th - Thursday
    She printed a label an entire week later - Thursday - 12th.
    If you received on the 20th then she didn't take it to the post office until
    proabably the next Tuesday.... the 17th - you received on the 20th. My opinion - that's quite slow.
  13. I would leave positive feedback along the lines of "great description and product, slow shipping."
  14. I agree with the above; I've had shippers take a week to ship things (I take one day when I sell), but if I am happy with the item, then I'm happy with the item. I am not so thrilled they took so long to ship the item, but if I'm that unhappy about that, I could leave a star or two less on shipping time, not on the rest. Usually, when I open the item, I'm happy about the item and forget how long it took them to ship.

    ETA: shipping time meaning how long between when I paid (usually right away) and when they take the item to the post office
  15. If the seller shipped on the 12th, I do not think she should be dinged or anything. The buyer took their sweet time to pay (4 days-just enough for no npb to be filed). If you are happy with the item, then I would leave a positive and maybe not even rate the shipping stars.
    JMHO, as always