Is it wrong to leave Neutral Feedback?

  1. I don't think this deserves a neutral. You took a few days to pay, seller took a few days to ship. If you're otherwise happy with the item I'd leave a positive.
  2. I would give a positive because as other people have said, you're happy with the item and you took a few days to pay. I might mark her down on the stars for postage time, and make a comment like 'great item, described perfectly but not the fastest shipping'.
  3. I agree with what others have said: in this case, I would leave a positive.
  4. I guess I just do not see why the seller gets dinged or mentioned in FB for slow shipping. Unless, she said she would ship ASAP, then she did her part. The OP waited to pay, but the seller is expected to jump? smh Glad I am not selling on eBay anymore.
  5. Personally as a seller it can mess me up when people take a few days to pay. For one item the person paid a few days later - literally minutes after I went to the post office. So didn't get back for a few days. Lots of sellers like me aren't professionals - just cleaning out my closet. I'd hope people understand that and that they are getting a good deal.
  6. It really can be frustrating when the payments trickle in; I sold a few things a few weeks ago and went to the post office 3 days in a row. I do try to pay for my auction wins right away, or if I'm not at the computer, within 24 hours. I don't really know why some sellers take a week to mail, but a day or two seems reasonable.
  7. According to their listing when I paid on July 5, the eBay listing said I should recieve item on July 10-11....
    On Jul 15, I sent an email - reply stated it had already been shipped.....printed mailing label says it was printed on July 12 - Post Office didnt receive until Jul 17........
    I rec'd July 20....
    I followed up on FB and said product was great - shipping was not........
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  9. I shipped a parcel down south last week that took over a week to get there. I shipped it out on the same day that payment was received.
  10. I haven't been posting but i've been lurking and this thread bothered me enough to stop sitting on my hands and start typing.

    OP, you (presumably) came here to get advice on what feedback you should leave. As we read this thread, we assumed you didn't want to err and ding a seller without advice.

    But what we didn't realize (nor did you disclose) is that you came here 3 hours AFTER you'd already left the neutral!! And no doubt, you also dinged the stars!

    To add insult to injury, rather than revising and changing the feedback to positive, you only added an update.

    IMHO, you should go back to that feedback and change it to the positive feedback you admit she earned. Since you've already dinged the shipping speedy star, she'll pay for that anyway.

    Personally, I think you might find yourself on BBLs around the ebay (and tpf) communities.

    now back to sitting on my hands.
  11. So much better than I could have said.

  12. So nice to see you BB! :hugs:
  13. What she said and :hugs: to see you back!
  14. OP,
    You already left neutral feedback before coming here? I'm confused..... The seller didn't deserve that IMO and why did you take so long to pay?
  15. Why is it wrong to ask opinions after the fact, particularly on things that can be rectified? The OP didn't misrepresent anything. It would seem to me that the she had second thoughts about the feedback she had left. She asked for opinions and acted on the advice she was given here by adding a follow up to the feedback she had left.

    I do agree that requesting ebay revise the original feedback from a neutral to a positive would be the right thing to do.