is it wrong that my parents are buying me my first balenciaga bag?

  1. im 20 and jobless. :x
  2. Congrats. I wish my parents bought me designer bags when I was your age. You are a very lucky woman to have such great parents.
  3. it's a one time thing though, for my birthday. but yeah although im grateful i still feel a little guilty because i didnt earn it. but 21st birthdays are a big deal i guess.
  4. Nah, not wrong as long as you're super grateful. You're a lucky girl, be happy! :smile:
  5. I don't think it's a problem as long as you can appreciate the value, which since it seems to bother you a bit I take it you can! Just enjoy it and happy birthday!
  6. No, not at all!!

    Happy Birthday!! What color and style Balenciaga are you planning on getting? ;)
  7. not if they don't mind getting it for you! happy 21st birthday and enjoy your first bbag experience!!
  8. I got one for my 21st b, its a gift for a b day, why even write this post? Right???
  9. I agree with Mama2anangel - if you're asking the question...then the answer is "no" - you clearly understand and appreciate it. Just consider yourself incredibly lucky to have such generous parents and enjoy your very first BBag - there's lots of time for lots of guilt later when you're spending your own money :yes: Indeed, this should and could very well be your most guilt free Bbag!! Happy Birthday you lucky thing!!
  10. A gift is a gift... if you expect gifts all the time.. on a regular basis just cause... then there's an issue. But hey, Congrats...& HAPPY B-DAY.. no need to feel guilty :flowers: ENJOY IT!
  11. then why "waste" time even replying... Right???
  12. i plan on getting griege city but who knows what they'll have in stock at Barney's chicago. :/
  13. Hey Haaaaaaapppy Birthday and have lots of fun shopping! ;)
  14. I guess...your parents are buying you a Bal bag to make you realize...if you have expensive taste, you should work hard and earn yourself the next/another one:p
  15. Lucky You!!! Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy it and don't let the guilt spoil a wonderful gift. The very fact that you are thinking about the guilt is acknowledgement that you are sensitive to the value of the wonderful gift. ENJOY!!!:happydance: