Is Hermes coming to Troy Michigan’s Somerset Collection?

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  1. I heard this from an SA at Neiman Marcus in Troy, Michigan. She said someone told her that they spoke to an Hermes SA who said that Hermes is planning on coming to the Somerset Collection. Did any of you hear anything about this or could it be a rumor? I wish it were true, although it would be too tempting for me.
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  2. I’ve heard this rumor too !! I hope it’s true - I’ve heard that they might be coming in 2020 or 2021- the closure of the H concession at NM during the Great Recession has left a hole...I so hope it’s true ...I’m saving my pennies to spend once they open - I’ve been spreading my purchases across 4 states ! :frown: And I can now say that I have a truly dedicated home store !
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  3. So maybe we will get an Hermes! How exciting!! Hmmm now I’m thinking the Tiffany store would be perfect.
  4. Can you imagine that ?! It would be perfect- but I think it’s too big - Michigan has a lot of money from being one of the country’s last hubs of manufacturing- but I doubt that would be the right size store for them ...Michigan is so susceptible to the business cycles (I think much more so than other states) that they would want to “test” the location first..I was actually thinking the old Aveda store on the corner or even one of the other stores (I think the old Ralph Lauren baby ) might be a better fit ...but let them confirm this first ! Jumping for joy from the prospect !! :panic:I do remember speaking to the H SA at NM that H pulled that location as NM refused to spend $$ to update the concession- and not from a lack of customers !!
    Would love to see the big orange covering announcing their imminent arrival !’
  5. I also forgot to mention that Chanel’s corporate has converted both Saks and NM concessions in both stores -and both are doing extremely well - I think retailers are relooking and testing the market here ...I think once people realize you need to spend in store for your profile ...the store should do very well ...because as new retailers open up ...I’m usually puzzled when things do very well - but I’m also not surprised when stores pull out ...tricky thing- brick and mortar stores - you really need to capture the physical client - for example ,’ Nordstrom at Somerset is becoming awful - but Macy’s new management has really turned it around ! If H comes-‘I’m sure they’ll make sure it’ll be open and stay open ...
  6. The old RL store would be cool because it’s in the middle of the mall. Did you speak to Lois at NM? That’s who told me about the rumor that Hermes might add a store in Somerset. She said there’s a lot of customers who shop out of state. How would they test the location?
  7. Yes, I heard about Chanel’s corporate taking over Saks and NM. What does that mean for the customer? Is there now more selection?
    I know what you mean about stores pulling out. I miss Barney’s and Cartier.
  8. Did Tiffany’s close there?
  9. No - they are downsizing to a smaller space- they will still carry all their stock - but they will have less out- but they can show you everything they have- I think they are aiming for a more intimate shopping experience...
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  10. Oh good.
  11. My understanding is that with Chanel corporate that all the Chanel sales staff will be working directly for Chanel - but they can also search for items across all boutiques for any popular items- I know there was a waiting list at Xmas for the baguette crystal brooch - and they were easily found at boutiques in other states for H testing the waters- I have lived in other places where H takes a minimal space- and if it warrants - they expand to both larger floosplans and other locations - it also helps showcase their other products...I likewise miss the stores that have I’ve been shopping in other states- but now that we have to pay sales tax no matter what - I’d much prefer to support my local SA’s and their commission-based salaries ...
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  12. That would be fabulous! An hour closer (and an easier drive) for me than Chicago.
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  13. That’s wonderful and I didn’t realize that Somerset has the potential to pull customers from other areas besides Detroit and it’s suburbs.
  14. Somerset Collection’s pull (apart from metro Detroit of course) includes northern Ohio and southern Canada ...
  15. And west Michigan.