Is Burberry Beaton an older style?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm new to Burberry.

    I have several Mulberry purses that I enjoy. I was at an outlet mall where they have a Burberry outlet and they had the Burberry Beaton purse in Cranberry (?). Since I'm not familiar with Burberry, I didn't know if it is a style that has been around for a long time and they are unloading them or what. I thought the purse was lovely and felt like the SA wasn't as objective as I would have liked.

    I have read some posts on the Burberry forum that don't lead me to believe that the bags have not held up that well. Could someone give me some ideas about your experience with Burberry bags and the Beaton in particular? I also saw a post that the smaller Beaton was available at Costco. Not sure I'm thrilled about owning one if they are that available.

    Thanks so much in advance!
  2. I see that several of you own the patent Beaton on the picture postings and it looks like you might have bought them recently. Have they just come around to the outlets? The purse is beautiful.
  3. I have a Black Patent Baby Beaton and it has held up wonderfully - NO issues at all.

    I purchased it in Burberry (not outlet) in January 2008. I believe it came out in 2007.
  4. The Beaton is a beautiful bag. This one is pretty stiff, which I kind of like because I like bags that don't flop over. Has yours kept its "body" when you sit it down. I love that it has feet too. I like that little "extra" on bags.
  5. ^^^ It is the patent so it is VERY stiff - no change in the shape whatsoever
  6. I have a Kooba patent bag from last year that softened up just enough to be wonderful and a Coach patent that softened up a little more than I would have liked. It lost it's shape. There wasn't a problem with the bag at all. It was just a softer patent leather and when it lost the shape, it flopped over a bit.

    You've not had ANY issues with your Beaton, right? I'm a little anxious with several comments people have had about their Burberries. The smell of the bag is just intoxicating (I mean that in a positive way.) The straps are a little stiff and could stand to soften up a bit, but would like for the sides to keep their shape. I'm debating about it. I paid $999 for it and I understand it was originally $1995. I have 14 days...a few less now.
  7. ^^^ NO issues at all, the straps have not softened at all - still nice and rigid
  8. Would you mind if I asked how much the Baby Beaton was originally? I think they had the smaller version, but I think the larger one would look better on me.
  9. Retail was 1600-1700US

    The Baby is smaller than I would have liked but it still fits all my daily items

    The regular Beaton is gigantic IMO
  10. I have the large patent beaton in both black & trench and love them both. They have maintained their shape well and the patent leather is still in excellent conditions. Curious, though, where did you find the red patent?
  11. I got the red one at the Burberry outlet in Georgia. Did you pay full price for yours or did you find yours at an outlet? Was the $999 a good price? They also had the trench color but I preferred the red/cranberry color for myself. They might have had the black one too in black leather. I've been trying to get some feedback if this bag has been around for quite awhile. Not being familiar with Burberry, I didn't know if I would see it a lot.
  12. I paid retail for the black beaton at the Burberry store and $999 for the trench at the outlet. I am very happy with the Beaton, but don't see many others carrying one. It is a very heavy bag-definitely not for everyone.
  13. Did you get yours at the outlet very long ago? I just wondered how long they've been in the outlets. I had never been into a Burberry outlet before and happened to see this store. It is definitley a larger bag. It didn't seem that heavy, but I haven't put my stuff in it. More room...more stuff too.
  14. I purchased my trench Beaton at the Woodbury Outlet probably around April of this year.
  15. Wow...Looks like they would have gone on sale more by now, almost into September. Do they ever mark them down more than half price?