Is black bad or beautiful?

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Chanel in Black?

  1. Nothing wrong with black

  2. I don't prefer black

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  1. How do you feel about a black Chanel handbag?
  2. Black is beautiful and classic. I’m not sure how a black bag from any brand could be bad.
  3. Chanel is always perfect in Black.
  4. I don't understand the choices.

    Someone might not prefer black, but they also might not think there's anything wrong with it, which means both choices are correct for them.
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  5. Classic, beutiful and must have
  6. Chanel + black = quintessential
  7. Chanel in black is EVERYTHING! I have many black Chanels and find that they all are both bad (meaning fabulous) and incredibly beautiful.
  8. Black Chanel will last longer. I love black.
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  9. Another vote for black. My husband is now suggesting that I break away from Black Chanel (I own 3 bags and a WOC) and try something new. It's very, very hard for me. Just so classic! And each of mine is a different style, so.
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  10. I don't understand the question. What other color is there?
    Just kidding, also love gray and beige clair.
  11. Don't understand the point here. Some people love black and happy to have all bags in black. Others prefer colored bags and they will never wear black bag. It's personal preference and nothing is wrong either way. I don't see the point of voting here.
  12. I’ve noticed on the Chanel forum some vocalize loving a classic black vs not and want a colored/unique Chanel handbag instead. In other threads the answers seem polarizing and I’m curious to know everyone’s thoughts on black for Chanel. If it’s neutral, the opinions can be reasoned here or other thoughts in general ;)
  13. Black is a classic color and there is nothing wrong with that.

    But if I’m honest I’m always attracted to neutrals besides black or colors first.
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  14. My two cents... black is safe and boring.

    My first Chanel was black. I wore it all the time and thought “it’s a Chanel, it must go with everything”. Wrong.

    I have since purchased many other Chanel bag styles and colors.

    I never wear my black bags and will not buy anymore black.

    Contrary to what many say, black does not go with everything. A black bag looks horrible with a light summer outfit. A neutral or color bag is much more chic.

    If you can only have one Chanel, then sure, black is safe. If you have other bags, I would not repeat bag.

    I think it’s much more fashionable to have other colors to match say, a summer outfit (google fashion photos to get ideas).

    Hope this helps.
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  15. Black is beautiful in Chanel.
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