Is $40 worth it? I need your opinion please!

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  1. I mentioned in another post that I'd found a large denim Carly at the outlet. It was only discounted by $40, but still, that's $40!!

    My question for all of you experts it worth it to pay full price in the boutique, hoping I'll get a PCE invite? Or should I save $40 and get it at the outlet? From what I've read on TPF, no one really knows how to be guaranteed the PCE invite. It seems to be random. What do you think??? :confused1:
  2. I'd get it from the outlet with the $40 discount. Even if you bought it and paid full price at the boutique I don't think it would have any bearing on whether you'd get an invite to the upcoming PCE seeing it's only a couple weeks away.
  3. I'd ask my SA for a PCE invite during the PCE event and get it that way.
  4. exactly, 40 isnt worth it, but asking your SA during PCE is worth it.
  5. ^^Agreed. If you really wanted to hedge your bets, buy it now at the Outlet and return it if you get one for PCE.
  6. exactly.:yes:
  7. Completely agree. Why not take advantage of both opportunities - get the discounted Carly & ask you SA for a PCE invite. WIN-WIN for you! :smile:
  8. During the last PCE, the SA told me it was only for preferred customers & she wouldn't give me the discount. :crybaby:

    I'm not that close to a boutique to get to know any of them; seems like if they know you they'll give you the discount.

    I know the SA at the outlet though, because I'm obviously there way too often!!
  9. BTW, is it in bad taste to ask your SA about PCE before the event?
  10. I would find a different SA
  11. Even if you don't get an invite to PCE if you ask for one durring the event, your SA will honor it for you. Isn't that great?!!!
  12. This is what I did. On the 2nd or 3rd day of the PCE (pick a not too busy time for them) Call and ask to speak with a MGR. Tell her that you were planning on purchasing something and for some reason you have not got your PCE card in this time. Ask her if she would kindly hold a card there for you so you could purchase what you would like. The WORST she can say is No, and its not face to face so she won't know who you are for future embarrasment. worked for me and I got a positive outcome!!!
  13. ask for the PCE discount. i did last time, TWICE!!
  14. I will definitely be asking again, but the last time the SA said something like "sorry, I can't do it because you're not on the preferred customer list". I told her that friends (that's my TPF friends!) had told me all I had to do was ask, but she still declined. :sad:

    My birthday's in June, so maybe I'll luck out & find a really nice SA who will give me the discount!
  15. i know im behind but how much is the discount ?