Is 16 years old to young for a Birkin?

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  1. My friend said 16 is to young for a Birkin, opinions please.
  2. I personally think 16 is too young for a birkin.

    Maybe a Gucci or Marc Jacobs, or even LV, but not a Hermes birkin imo.

    I dunno why, but it just bothers me to see someone so young already wearing a birkin. Is it jealousy? I dont think so. Let me rewind back, when I was 16 designer bags were not my priority, let alone a Hermes birkin. Boys and going out with friends were.

    Are kids these days different, and that they already beg for a Hermes birkin from their parents?
  3. YES. Perhaps "playing around" with mom's Birkin(s) but not one to call their own. There is just absolutely no reason why a child that age can't be given something less. Personally, I think even an LV, Chanel, Gucci, etc. are too much, but then again teens these days are SOO much different from when I was growing up and I'm not even that old now.
  4. I think so... just because I don't know of many 16 year old that could afford one on their own so I'd assume it was a gift... and on a 16 YO it just kind of screams "spoiled!". At that age, parents should be putting the money toward school or something, I think. Just my opinion...

    plus, at 16 what do you need a bag like that for? I carried a backpack at school and just needed a small pochette type thing for weekends...
  5. Yup.
  6. I think it's way to young because most 16 year olds cannot quite handle the responsiblity of taking care of/not losing it. There is also the issue of robbery, mugging and other safety concerns (other school kids targeting her).
  7. I know we have some young members here (missbabydolce is the one I can think of) who want Birkins... but I have to say that I think 16 is too young. LOL, maybe it is jealousy to since I'm only getting my first at 29!

    I suppose everyone comes from different financial backgrounds - my family was a comfortable upper middle class, and I carried Coach in high school and was one of the few with a designer bag at that time! I know times have changed, and teens now wear jeans that are over double what my Guess ones cost back in the day... but no way my parents would have spent that kind of money, and there's no way I could have paid for one myself!

    I think if your family can afford it and you "earn" the bag with good grades/acceptance into a good college, then that's great and I'm not one to judge. But I don't think most 16 year olds can appreciate the work that went into getting one, and how rare/valuable it is... one of these bags is a year's rent for some people! I don't think one can truly appreciate that unless they've had to work for it.
  8. yes!
  9. Good point Japster. No way in H*ll my own 16 yo is ready for such an expensive bag. I can't even get her to pick her clothes up off the floor of her bedroom!

    That's not to say that all kids are like my own and I don't mean to imply that but....most kids in my economic bracket are NOT ready for a Birkin.
  10. I am from a family with very comfortable financial situation. My mom never worked ever since she got married. I used to go shopping with my mom when I was young, I remember she could go to upscale designer stores and shop everyday without looking at price tags. My mom's entire wardrobe is filled with Chanel and Hermes clothings, handbags & shoes...etc.

    BUT my parents didn't let me have any of expensive items of my own when I was young (not that I cared at that time..). I mean I had nice clothings, shoes, and bookbags and everything, but nothing like clothings from Chanel, Hermes...etc when I was 15 years old or something...

    Actually, I started to have my own collections of expensive stuff after I got married (I got married right after college..hehe).

    I think it's nice to wait until you (or your spouse) can afford for your own stuffs. It's much nicer feeling to afford your own:flowers: !
  11. I think 16 is too young for a Birkin, and the Birkin is too old for a 16 year old.
  12. I totally agree! :yes:
  13. Um... YEAH!!!!

    Also - it seems that a Birkin wouldn't be 'cool' enough for a teenager - the same way someone might want a mustang convertible over a Bentley. Teenagers usually like something with a youthful 'edge' - not something that is, though beautiful and status-y, defintely 'establishment.'
  14. If you get one at 16 what else is there to aspire to???? I am glad that I didn't start fixating on one until I was 26 and even more glad that it took me 4 years to get one as now I appreciate it and LOVE the feeling of accomplishment I have from owning one and loving every thread and inch of it. If I could have just had one handed to me even when I first realized their beauty my love affair wouldn't be as sweet.
  15. Totally agree. I have a 14 year old and am very uncomfortable buying her anything that will make her a potential target. I also think it's important for her to learn the value of money and just giving her an expensive gift (which is very common where I live) is not helping her to learn to appreciate the value of things and also the joy in being able to save and work for things.