iPhone out on June 29th - informative vid!

  1. So I thought I wouldn't fall for the iPhone, but after seeing this video, IWANTONE :wtf: I imagined it was just going to be another smart phone but with iPod capabilities but it is so much more! I find it so awesome!

    Here's the link -


    It is a little long though (20mins), what I did was wait for it to load and just forwarded to the features I was interested in. :tup:
  2. My husband is supposedly getting one :rolleyes:
  3. Interesting.

    Thanks for posting
  4. oh my god my SO is DYING for one. but i dont know when they are going to be avialable in Bahrain
  5. so um i'm not even finished watching the vid and i want one tooooooooo

    my b day is coming up

    hmmm present? :smile:

    i do have cingular/ at&t

    but isnt it like a bagilion dollars?
  6. Yep, Cingular/ATT is the only carrier. It is $499 or $599 depending on the memory.

    There was a GREAT article in the WSJ about the iPhone shortly after it was announced. Cingular agreed to be the carrier and back the phone without even being able to see the phone while in development. A few people from Cingular got to see it a couple days before they made the initial announcement back in January.
  7. They had to ruin a great phone and brilliant idea by putting it on Cingular/AT&T. Unless that changes, I will never own one.
  8. I bought some more Apple stock in anticipation for this launch. I hope it lives up to the hype! I'm still on a T-Mobile contract, so I won't be getting it now.
  9. i want one also but i think i might wait on it. since it's the first batch of iphones i'm pretty sure they might have some glitches. so i'm going to wait it out for a bit.
  10. i want one, but not the first generation. i despise cingular/at&t eventhough its my current carrier, but the iphone made me feel better since it comes with apple care.
  11. I was ready to whip out my wallet when I saw a promo video at an event a few months ago! But I'd wait till the price drops, honestly.
  12. cingular sucks where i live, so i gotta stick with verizon...but i certainly wouldn't buy ANY phone first generation.
  13. I am thinking of getting this despite already having to lug around three cell phones. Its just so beautiful :nuts:
  14. i'm in the same boat! i shelled out a lot of money for a first generation razr, and it had so many bugs...ugh! i learned my lesson. i think the iphone is the coolest thing, and i would love to have it...but i'll be waiting on this one for a while.
  15. In general, I avoid buying the first version of ANY technology. It's just not important for me to have the latest cutting edge thing, no matter how tempting. There are always going to be bugs, fixes, issues, etc which will get cleaned up...and prices will likely drop too! :graucho: