Introducing the new and improved Miss Tubby 2.0~ Happy ending to my Christmas SO saga~

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  1. Some of you may recall I had quite a roller coaster ride picking up my SO right before Christmas~ (original post here: )

    I'm happy to report that my beloved SA and SM are the BESTEST in the whole world because they've gotten me quite a cutie to make up for the defective SO.

    Since I had named my ex- SO "Tubby", it is only fitting to name this replacement baby "Tubby 2.0" ~~~ She's a Rose Pourpre 25K in swift with Phw~~

    Thanks for sharing my happy ending!!!

    IMG_0997.JPG IMG_0998.JPG IMG_0996.JPG IMG_1082.JPG
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  2. This is wonderful
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  3. Many congrats to you Boo!! Tubby 2.0 is fabulous!! Wear in the best of health!:flowers:
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  4. Congrats ! and just in time for CNY !!
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  5. Congrats. She is a unique beauty.
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  6. Congrats. She is a unique beauty.
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  7. Congrats and finally a cute K25 for you. I missed your last story and after going back the pages was astounded to see the poor workmanship as well as QC on H behalf. That means the bag probably never pass QC before it was shipped. If those pictures were presented in the authentication thread, it would be deemed as fake with name calling etc., especially the misplacement of the hardware plate on the sangles.

    Thanks for reminding us to check every detail on the SO. We shouldn't have to based on the H reputation as well as price but like many things in life, the world has changed and so has H.
  8. sweetest boo so happy for you! xoxo
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  9. Times two boo!!!! Hugs!
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  10. I am so glad the saga has been sorted with a lovely bag as replacement.:hugs: Enjoy it my dear! :heart::heart::heart:
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  11. What a beautiful cutie!
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  12. 2.0 indeed!!! Congrats! I know all about SO drama .... Glad this worked out
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  13. Thank you sweetie!! I'm so in love with Tubby 2.0~~

    xoxoxo dear~ very please with the final outcome!! She is the best "make it up to me" bag!

    Exactly~~~ Perfect for going out and collect red envelopes hahah~ Thanks dear!

    Thank you thank you~ I really love how her color changes under different light!
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  14. She's a beauty for sure.
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  15. Glad you agree with my sentiments to the defective Tubby 1 !!! I wonder why and how that bag went through all the QC without anyone checking its bottom? And of course I had to be the first one to turn it upside down and discover the defect hahahah~ And the sangles issue, call me paranoid, but it's just unacceptable to me if perfection can be achieve why should I settle for inferiority? Yes, definitely check every aspect of future SO, and every single bag for that matter, before whipping out your credit card.