Introducing the new and improved Miss Tubby 2.0~ Happy ending to my Christmas SO saga~

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  1. Cute congrats!
  2. Huge congrats, love happy endings andwhat a cute bag
  3. I love your bag! Such a vibrant pink. Happy new year too.
  4. Thank you ~~ She is darn cute in this color and size like you said hahaah!

    muuuuah~ thank you darling!! we need to hang out and play next time you are in town!

    Thank you so much~ I'm one happy customer now!

    Hahaha~ and thank goodness I have a fantastic SA who is just as silly and crazy as me who totally gets me!

    Thank you dear~ I can't wait to take 2.0 out to play now that the rain is gone!!

    very very happy about 2.0~ Thanks dear!
  5. High 5 to happy endings~~ Can't wait to take her out to play!

    Happy new year dear~ I'm tickled pink about miss 2.0!!
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  6. Congratulations on your Tubby 2.0 - absolutely stunning!
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  7. This color makes my heart leap!!!!
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  8. This. Is. Stunning!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    And time for an updated family portrait too! :smile:
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