Introducing Dior's newest bags...

  1. Ok, now it's my turn to admire this wonderful bag!! OMG!

    Emi, thank you as always for sharing! :smile: I have one question-is this bag available in the U.K, if anybody knows?

    Also, if you would buy one bag (at the time:roflmfao:), which one would it be first-gray Lady D (medium size of course!) or medium Granville (perheps in red colour;) ?!

    ps. It'll be my Christmas present! :p
  2. ^ Thank you B-V & Emi, I appreciate all the expert advice and info. Emi is right! you know me well, I am after the big one. I also know you are not a big fan of the big one as it sort of loses the traditional Lady Dior bag, but in me, I think small bags make me look disproportioned. Anyhow.... last question. Does the large size also have the ruffles and single flower hanging? Thank you:winkiss:
  3. I can't imagine why it wouldn't be available in such a key market as the UK - the Panarea is one of the most popular lines Dior sells.

    Definitely the Lady Dior (first). ;)
  4. In Asia-Pacific, the ruffles and satin rose is only available in the medium size, unfortunately...
  5. I really like the ruffles. Not too sure about the rose. I like Chanel's camellia rose more than this one, although this one looks much more suitable for younger people.
  6. Emi,

    thanks for your reply, but I though of grey Lady Dior with double straps handbag, not the Panarea (?!) when I asked you whether it'll be available in the U.K? It is not now, unless I have not seen it yet...
    Regarding a first pick btw the two handbags, I am not sure still, as I have lady D in medium black, but really still love the one you presented us with here (lady D in grey with double shorter straps), so it'll be a hard choice...Hmm...
  7. love love love the Lady Dior Mise en Dior ~~ so pretty
  8. Ah sorry, yes the new Lady Grey will become progressively available, you just have to wait if your boutique hasn't received its allocation yet. Or you could always get one ordered in.
  9. sad news :sad: thanks Emi.
  10. the lady dior mise en dior is GORGEOUS
  11. All Beautiful!!! All Cute!!!
  12. is this also from the new line? :graucho:

  13. Nope, these have been out for a while already.
  14. oh oke thank you:smile:
  15. does this come with single shoulder strap(classic ones) in medium lady dior?

    you said this is patent calfskin, does it also come in lamskin?
    any pictures?
    honestly, from the picture i could not tell it was a patent leather, i personally not a fan of patent leather.
    from the picture, it looked more like a metallic lamskin grey. love the color.
    where can i find it in the US?

    Thank you!