Introducing Dior's newest bags...

  1. [​IMG]
    Lady Dior Mise en Dior

    Lady Dior Cruise 2011

    Dior Delices tote

    Dior Delices clutch

    :heart::love: These bags are SOOO beautiful!!!!
    Dior Lady Dior cruise 2011.jpg Dior Lady Dior cruise 2011 2.jpg Dior Lady Dior cruise 2011 3.jpg Dior Delices tote.jpg Dior Delices clutch.jpg
  2. more Dior Delices...
    Dior Delices bag 1.jpg Dior Delices black pouch.jpg
  3. [​IMG]
    The most beautiful flap bag!!!!

  4. [​IMG]

    Mini Lady Dior Mise en Dior
    Dior Lady Dior avec Mise en Dior.jpg
  5. thanks for posting!

    Dior Mise let me think about Princess Diana. :smile:
  6. Hi, Fellow Lady Dior loving ladies!!

    So I've finally saved up enough money for a Lady Dior!! I've been dreaming about the black patent leather one for ages....but I hear that the new collection has double shoulder straps rather than the single. So does this new collection (even patent leather) include double straps, and when does this new collection come out??

    Thanks so much in advance. I really want to get my bag already but I'm willing to wait for the double straps :p
  7. ok so i just called a dior boutique and apparently the ones with the double straps are $2700, whereas the ones with the single straps are $2450. I mean I love Dior, but seriously?? Do they expect us to pay $250 more for one more shoulder strap??!! it's crazy!!
  8. The double strap Lady Diors are part of the Cruise 2011 collection and some of those products have already hit Dior stores as well as Holt Renfrew (in Canada) and Neiman Marcus. I found these pictures from and

    Emi and Bottega Veneta may have a more accurate answer.
  9. Thanks, yes I called my Dior boutique and the price difference is $250 O_O. I don't know if I should save up or not....
  10. As for the U.S.

    They're not available in stores....yet

    For the U.S. all of our stock comes straight from Paris to the Bouqites, so every store will receive them at a different time.

    However! Hawaii, New York, Beverly Hills, and Las Vegas are the first ones to get them.

    Grey/Gris is the first color to launch sometime this week.
  11. Wow that's pretty hefty for an extra strap. But I agree that it looks better with the double strap, so maybe it's worth the investment.
  12. I like the clutch!
  13. does anyone know how much is the Lady Dior Mise en Dior
  14. The Cruise 2011 collection of bags, which includes the Lady Dior bags with the double shoulder straps, is arriving progressively at boutiques now. Different boutiques in different countries will receive their allocated bags at different times.

    The "regular" line of Lady Dior bags without the double should straps will continue to be sold.
  15. Of course! You should see what Hermes charges for smaller items. :p