Instagram that Chanel

  1. There's an option on IG where you can save a copy of your IG photo onto your phone after its posted on your IG, and then you can instantly upload the photo straight from your phone onto TPF from the TPF app.
  2. Awesome photo!!
  3. Thanks vlsh! ;)

    Thanks for the info maryelle! Will have to get the TPF app :p

    Thanks Cuteandcouture! :flowers:
  4. IG'd this pic yesterday, announcing a blog post about my Chanel Boy bag (compared it next to my 266 Chanel GHW 2.55 reissue) :p
  5. I would love more IG friends.... add me my IG name is pdovz
  6. So cute! After seeing your pic I had to go on the hunt for a brooch! I just got one! Is your the one with pearls?! :cool:
  7. image.jpg

    Three ways to wear a French Riviera :smile:

  8. No mines is with rhinestones....
  9. Mine from tonight. My Mini matches my nail polish! Lol

  10. The mini vs the jumbo classic! :smile:
  11. Finally cut that tag!! Using my Lambie boy tonight!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378086063.187501.jpg
  12. Soooo happy!
    This will be a special night for you.
  13. Wow...finally :woohoo:Beautiful lamb boy n outfit :smile: Perfect match!!!