Ink Color, Ltd Ed , NOT Moto Line $399 BIN 489

  1. i think it is ink? though the auction says black. i didn't even know this style existed.
  2. Kind of looks like Ink. The style's nice and the leather looks great.
  3. Okay, girls, call me color blind..maybe it's Ink. I was actually wondering abt the color earlier since I know that the eggplant is not a 2006 color. My apologies.
  4. Yeah, it's ink. It's in washed lamb - I have this bag in a tan color, they went on sale at Barney's a couple of months ago - it is *gorgeous*, the leather is just unbelievable.
  5. :nuts:
  6. Wow,, lovely leather.
  7. What a cool bag...very tempting. I've never seen one like it before, is it from the Linea Metallica line?
  8. I really like this combo a lot...
  9. Wow this looks really nice, and what a great chance to get an ink bag for an amazing price! I'm quite tempted, although I'm trying to save for a new city. Somebody grab this before I do!
  10. I have this same bag in lilac and it's gorgeous! You cannot believe the leather.

    ?? It says right on the tag "blue dark". Why are they calling it black?
  11. OMG- I love this bag and the leather looks AMAZING!!! I just emailed the seller asking if they could show what the bag looks like carried on the shoulder and how long the strap is.

    Freetoes- could you tell us the length of the strap? Would you say the bag is small or medium in size? Could we see a picture of the lilac???? Please?????
  12. Is it authentic? Has anyone purchased from this seller before?
  13.'s beautiful. The tag reads 2006 1...I wonder if any stores have any of these left in stock. I'd love to check it out in person. The color and leather on this particular one looks gorgeous. I love this style, too!:heart: