Information on this bag..:)

  1. I saw this at Nordstrom at Tysons Corner, VA in black. It was still full price. But, the sale is at the end of the month, so maybe it will go on sale.
  2. I love this tote, the miniature pushlocks are adorable.


    Too bad the F&Fs are over, you could have pricematched it at Nordies.
  3. it's pretty cute and if you can get it for $800 that's even better!
  4. Thank u ladies so much! I actually saw it at Tysons as well and it was about $800.00 on Sale during the summer. Its no longer available. :sad: I will check them out again.


    Here are the following MJ bags that I have: 2 Venitia Bags Black and Pink, 2 Banana Hobos Bronze and Camel 1 Large Tote in Red (forgot the name) 2 Clutch Quilted Wallets Camel and White 1Quilted Long Wallet in Blue (just got it last week!) and I have a small aqua shoulder bag w/the silver push lock in the middle and a red makeup bag.. : oh and a LV Speedy :p
  5. OMG!! OMG!! I got it!!! I got it in Black!!!! I'm sooo pumped!!! No one else would appreciate my EXCITEMENT but u ladies!!! AAAAAh!!!! I"m sooo excited!!! I got for $300!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:Trust me its soooo real!!!
  6. Wow!! Congrats on that deal!!! Post pics once you get it!!
  7. Where did you get it for such a great price?
  8. YIPPEE...:yahoo:

    Congrats on the great deal too.
  9. That is a great MJ collection mamimeow! When the tote comes please post pics of the whole family for us to admire
  10. WOW! thats a fabulous deal! CONGRATS!
  11. Hey ladies, I received my bag this morning and they sent me the wrong one:crybaby:!!!!! I don't know what happened...!?!!?? :confused1: :shrugs:Well, the one i got is the small chain tote and i'm not crazy about it, all sales are final for this sale and i've sent them an e-mail to let them know they sent the wrong one..i'm so sad:crybaby:...i hope they are able to change it? I saw a taupe version of it on e-bay and the seller says she's a member of PB. Well, i'll keep u posted.
  12. ^^Oh no! I'm so sorry!! Well, they certainly can't hold you to the "all sales final" policy if it was their fault they sent you the wrong bag! I hope it all works out for you and you get the bag you really wanted. Good luck and keep us posted!!
  13. Sooooo a response on my e-mail today...and they are not trying to exchange my bag!!!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    I don't know what to do w/ this bag now?? I hate it!!! :cursing: I know i shouldn't say such things about these lovely bags but I do and i want the one i was so enthusiastic to receive!!! UUUUUUUUHG!!!!:cursing::cursing: I know I sound so ungreatful for being allowed to shop in this prestigious private sale but i'm soooooooooooo upset!! :confused1::crybaby:

    Thanks ladies for letting me vent...
    I'll keep you updated..!!

  14. How are they not going to exchange your bag when they sent you one that you didn't order? That is so weird!