Inferno/Paradiso with Adios Qee

  1. Hello! I just got back from Hawaii, and while I was there I saw several brand new Inferno and Paradiso bags with an Adios Qee at the duty-free DFS Galleria in Waikoloa.

    I tried to do a "search" fucntion on this forum, but coldln't find anything.

    Are these the re-release prints that i've heard rumors about, or are they just exclusive to Hawaii?

    I'm begining to regret not buying one......
  2. Damnit.. I wish I lived in Hawaii.. You guys get a beautiful island, Hard to find tokis :love:, and Dog the Bounty Hunter's cute son Roland..
  3. i was talking to the lady there and she said they got two shippments that came in with the adios keychain. i asked her how come they got these prints she said they wont be getting anymore. and they lady said they are not the rerelease prints. (although, she was just an associate. so who knows?)
  4. :O!
    Sadly I can't go down there haha, it's on another island. :sad:
  5. sorry of topic, but i love Leland! I always drive past DOG the Bounty Hunters office with my friends to see if we can catch a glimpse of him!:tender:
  6. Maybe they came with the Adios qee because the tokidoki contract with Toy2R ended. :confused1: But why is Hawaii getting new shipments of Paradiso & Inferno? Did someone find these at the factory in a dark corner, stashed away, under a pile of boxes? :weird:
  7. LoL whoops... It's Leland, I forgot... Omg he is so hot... :heart:
  8. We seemed to be getting a lot of the shipments that were found later on..Like the shipments of Citta and Citta Rosa.
  9. I am in love with Leland too...bruddah got some GUNS! I am wondering if I can convince my BFF who lives on the Big Island to go get me something. LOL
  10. I just looked up that Leland guy's picture... :throwup:
  11. :roflmfao:. I think it's not his look that i :heart:. It's his attitude and the way he carries himself. :roflmfao:
  12. Oh. I don't watch that show at all...
  13. :shame: :huh:o my favorites combined! inferno and the adios keychain!
  14. I looked up Leland as well, and I will say he is quite fit!
  15. Leland is definitely amazing right up until you get to his face. :push:

    (OK, that was a mean thing to say. I'll rot in hell for it. But hubby and I do watch the show all the time.)

    To keep it on topic, I swear I saw a photo of Baby Lisa wearing a black hoodie with what LOOKED like the Inferno print on the inside...was there ever such a thing?