im so glad i joined this..

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  1. forum. i just typed coach into yahoo answers and the people answering the questions were so anti-coach it was ridiculous. wheres the love people?? thats why im so happy i joined here, just thought id share
  2. It is nice to have a place to share our love about this brand (though it makes me kid of sad to see a good number of anti-coach threads/posts around the forum at times :sweatdrop:). I always try to never let people bother me who talk down or try to ridicule stuff I like. I like it, so it shouldn't matter what other people think. :yes:
  3. i know i feel so homey here, when i go yahoo i feel weird, maybe b/c people ask ridiculous questions, or give ridiculous answers.
  4. I've noticed that yahoo answers can be pretty hostile in general (not always, but I've run across a good number for various topics that were).
  5. every brand/ label has a hater so don't feel bummed! :yes:
  6. welcome, kattykay!
  7. This forum is the ultimate place for Coach warm fuzzies...glad I found it, too!
  8. This is the best place to let your Coach love thrive and grow. I ought to know since I've amassed more Coach stuff than I can handle since I've joined this forum!

    As one member, I'd like to welcome you to TPF! :welcome2:

    Take care,
  9. I think the folks on yahoo in general can be haters in some of their I'm glad google led me here!
  10. I really enjoy being on this message board. I get tired of all the slander that people like to throw around about Coach, and it's nice to be in a place where people share the love of the brand like I do.
  11. Same here....everyone at this forum is the best...sometimes after having a bad day at work...its nice to come onto this forum to see everyone's lovely collections, purchases and comments....
  12. I am glad I found this place as well. It's nice to have people of like interests to talk to/with.
  13. Yeah, I was a member of another forum, and I was strongly "encouraged" to boycott Coach. I felt uncomfortable and quit participating. At least here you can share your thoughts and honest opinions without too much grief (for the most part, anyway). It's nice to share with people that have the same interest!!