i'm not cheating, but here's something something compared with a weekender :p

  1. girls, i'm sooo excited to find a bag that would share the same love i had with my b bags.
    here's my new coco cabas compared with a weekender!
    it's amazing how big it is!!!



  2. hehe -- are u standing on your bed?
  3. LOVE the cabas... and the weekender!

    lucky girl with your fabulous bags! :yahoo:
  4. Ohhh! Lovely! Congrats on the Cabas!
  5. Love the Cabas and the comparison. I have never seen the Cabas IRL and didn't know its size. Now I'm sure I want one, but not the shiny one.
  6. Thanks for the comparison I actually thought the cabas was even bigger than the WE
  7. wow ur chanel cabas is really big!!! and of course pretty too :smile:
  8. :yahoo: great comparison-pictures :nuts: :drool: !!! Thank you for sharing seahorse..... - you're the best :love:
  9. great bags!

    seahorse is that the large or extra large cabas? It looks awesome
  10. Seahorse, she is gorgeous!!! Love the size!!
  11. your chanel cabas is really beautiful I love it
  12. wow! I like your cabaz
  13. Aaaah haaaaa ... you too, huh?!!? :yes:

    I had looked at the Cabas and liked the fact that it was really large like the Weekender. The only thing that bothers me, is that the Chain Shoulder Straps dig into my shoulder when the bag gets heavy (which inevitably it will!).

    Nice choice though ... you have FAB taste "Sea"!!!
  14. so...it's okay for us to love chanel too? phew...i thought i would get beat up by a mini twiggy if i admitted it

  15. sea, I want to live in your clothes closet and be surrounded by all your wonderful handbags, Chanel and Bbags alike...:love: Such a lucky girl!