I'm nervous...

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  1. I really REALLY want the Epi Electric Sobe and the Pomme de Amour Alma BB...I'm on both waiting lists...it's been two weeks now, I know that's not super long, but the more the days go by the more I worry they won't come back in stock!! :cry:

    What's the longest you've had to wait for your wait list items?
  2. Please calm down & be patient! Surely, you'll them soon.:happydance:
  3. The longest I had to wait was one week, but I know I was scared too about it... Don't worry, you will get them!!!
  4. I've never added myself to a waitlist but I can understand how anxious you must feel. Hang in there!
  5. I know how you feel... Been waiting for my Brea for a week now, and still no signs for it... My SA told me that Norway is not priority for LV, so since tha bag is so popular other places he can't tell me when I will get it... But I'll hope it will arrive next week.... No one is getting that bag here before me:smile:
  6. :tumbleweed: wait..wait..wait..

    ..a little suggestion -----> if you sleep..the time passes quickly!! :graucho:
  7. I have never had to wait for a bag, but can understand your anxiety. Hang in there.
  8. Don't worry, you'll get them! :amuse:
  9. I have never done a waitlist, what I did was go in the boutique and did a charge hold. This is where they take your CC info. and once they get what you are waiting for, you go ahead of those on a waitlist. Anyone that gives payment or CC info, will get the order before the waitlist.
  10. You will get them very soon
  11. I hate waiting too :sad: I remember putting my name down a couple months before the release date the graffiti neverfull. The day it came, I had class, so I went before cause I just couldn't hold out any longer haha
  12. Don't worry...It will come. 2 weeks isn't that long...

    Happy Shopping!!
  13. Hang in there!
  14. You will get them, but call another store to see if they have them if that will help.
  15. I was on the waiting list for the speedy eclipse for 2 months , i know how it 's like ......
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