I'm Just Not Feeling my Kooba...No One can Help Me!

  1. I bid and bought a Kooba Elisha and it arrived Monday and is just sitting there sadly, just waiting to be carried and loved. :crybaby:

    It's a gorgeous bag, but WAY to big for what I carry!

    I looked at the Bonnie and considered it, but since I hadn't seen any pics of it being carried, the dimensions seemed too small, so I jumped on the Elisha. Now I'm thinking I should've not been so impulsive.

    How sad for this bag. I have a black Jillian and love it, but Elisha seems like a bottomless pit that I'll never be able to fill. I know I'm gonna lose my you know what it I try to resell it, but I can't see ever having the heart to pull the tags and wear it.

    It's tough for us gals who don't live anywhere near a vendor where we can "try" a bag before buying.
  2. Oh my - what color is she?
    I can't even imagine....I love mine so much I could stare at her all day and not care if I ever use her...but I see your point- that is not the point of a handbag....
    You poor thing!!
  3. She is a beautiful red; and is gorgeous, I did inspect her thououghly!

    I think she would be perfect for a gal who carries more than a wallet & cellphone. (I'm kind of a minimalist)

    The Jillian is so structured that she still looks good when fairly empty.
  4. Yeah you definitely should have gone with the bonnie....once a few more kooba addicts see the thread I bet your situation will work itself out!!;););)
  5. oh drats!
    Maybe you can find a good home here for your bag..
    Can you post a pic?
  6. Now I'm wishing I'd bought this one at a dealer who takes return or exchanges! I think I'm learning from being on this forum & reading the great advice from the vetran "pursacholics". Unfortunately, I'm also an eBay addict!
  7. aww im so sorry to read that! :sad:

    I know what you mean though, during the time i am in school i love my bigger bags but then summer or vacation times come along and just my wallet keys cell and sidekick never seem to fill them the same

    :smile: but for me i will carry a big bag only like 15% full hehe just cause i think they look better on me
    but maybe you can sell it on eBay....? then get your bonnie!!!! :smile:
  8. The Elisha is such a gorgeous bag, but I'm with you that it is a bit big. I looked at the Bonnie as well and I should warn you that it looks pretty small.:crybaby: We need something a bit in between. Maybe you will get used to the size?

  9. I'll post one in the AM-right now hubby is sleeping right in the same room. I wouldn't even want him noticing her (or her price-tag!);)
  10. Would the devin be considered in between but on a long strap?
  11. Devin is an inch shorter in lengthwide width, but 8 inches wide at the bottom. I love the longer length handles, but this seems like a bigger bottomless pit!
  12. That's funny you asked, because I was wondering the same thing but they didn't have any for me to compare.
  13. Aw sorry you feel that way Rosen! It's so pretty! Maybe the Elisha can be your first big bag for days when you need to carry a bottle of water, a magazine or book or have a child (like me) and carry all his/her stuff in there... jk about the last one. I actually been eyeing the Bonnie more than the Elisha. It's just so darn cute.
  14. awww- sorry to hear that! Hope you get close to what you paid!