Im in Medallion Caviar Heaven!!! (Pics)

  1. Introducing, my very first, and absolutely LOVED:love: Black w/silver hardware Chanel medallion Caviar tote!! I have several name brand bags, but *WOW* this one takes the cake!!:yahoo: If anyone a newbie to Chanel like myself, I highly reccomend this baby!!:wlae:
    DSC03748.JPG DSC03749.JPG DSC03774.JPG
  2. Congrats Ranskimmie. It's sooo beautiful :love:
  3. It's gorgeous! Congrats!
  4. That's beautiful! I had the same experience when my very first Chanel arrived - the beige/black Reporter. I was mesmerized! By a handbag, LOL!! Suddenly your other bags look ordinary by comparison.

    Enjoy it!!!
  5. Awesome! It seems like quite a few of you ladies chose this bag recently. How did you decide on this one? Right now I am torn between this one, jumbo classic flap, and the cerf tote. Also looking for my first Chanel...
  6. Well..... for me I really wanted a Chanel that could go with every thing from jeans to dress wear. And being the silly that I am, I saw this bag on "The Hills" and that made my final decission. I couldnt be more happier:yahoo:
  7. Beautiful, congratulations, and enjoy!
  8. Hehe...that's was Lauren's Christmas gift from Jason! I just watched the last episode today - did you see the red Chanel she carried to the fashion show?
  9. I'm SOOOO glad you LOVE it!!!
  10. I am so happy for you! I know how excited you are and I feel no less with mine. Congrats to both of us:drinkup: and may there be more Chanels to come;)
  11. Beautiful-congrats
  12. You bet I did. Her red Chanel was beautiful:love:
  13. [and may there be more Chanels to come;)[/quote]

    How does today sound??:graucho: Waiting for UPS do deliver my wallet!!!!:yahoo:
  14. WOW! It is stunning!! Enjoy your new Chanel.
  15. Congrats!!! I've got the exact same bag and I carried it to work today. You are going to love it. Beautiful and practical at the same time...
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