I'm having second thoughts about the Azur Speedy 25

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  1. I just put my name on the list yesterday because I was quite sure that I wanted this bag. I had already set my money aside, planning to buy it. :P I was hoping that I could use it as an everyday bag. Now I'm starting to have second thoughts because I'm worried that this bag will be high maintenance, and I'll be paranoid about the handles. I'm not sure how this bag will look with age and when the handles start to patina. Also, here in Vancouver it rains alot, and I wont be able to take it out when it rains, so I'm not sure about the practicality of it. I'm thinking maybe I should wait to see if I like the white epi line first? With epi I wont have to worry about rain, and its probably low maintenance. Or maybe I'll just get the Azur mini pochette and skip the speedy. Also, I was considering getting this chanel bag instead:


    What does everyone think? Is the Azur Speedy too high maintenance? I do like the way it looks, and think its very cute.
  2. I actually ended up bringing mine back and getting something else instead. :shame: I loved it so much, but I didn't like the handles. I kept looking at the pics with the patina and at first I loved it, but then I changed my mind. I like it pale white, but once it sets in, I'm not as keen on a patina with that pale pattern. I still want a white speedy, though, so I am really excited about the upcoming White Epi. It'll be great in the rain and easy to take care of. :yes:

    The Chanel bag is very cute, btw.
  3. i don't like azur based on the high-maintenance problem..even though i love checkboard patterns..
  4. LOL! I was just looking at your Azur Speedy 25 pics in the reference section trying to decide! I remember I kept looking back at your thread when you first posted those modeling pictures! Those pics are probably what sold me to the Azur Speedy 25 in the first place! I'm surprised you returned it but good to know. Did your mom keep her Azur Speedy 30? What did you get instead? :P
  5. Lol! I remember you debating over it! I really did love the way it looked on me, but I knew I wouldn't like it as much once the patina set in. So, I decided not to use and brought it back. Personally, with that pattern, I just prefer the handles to be light like the rest of the bag. My mom decided to keep hers, though(but she hasn't used it yet :P ) I can't remember what I got now. lol. Oh, wait...now I remember. I brought it back when I brought in my Bedford for a repair(my SA said it was defective so I had to return it instead). I ended up with a couple Epi pieces(soufflot and Speedy).
  6. LOL @ you remembering me debating over it! :P What colour epi's did you get? Hmm, I think I'll pass on the Azur Speedy now. Thanks for the input...funny how yesterday I was so sure that I put myself on the list and now I don't want it! :P Are you familiar with Chanel? I don't own any chanel pieces but I love that bag I posted. Do you know how long Chanel bags are under warranty for after you buy them? Are they durable? I know that LV bags are known to last 10+ years but what about chanel? Thanks in advance!
  7. I don't think it will be any more high maitence than mono....the vachetta should be the only slight hesitation...the canvas should clean easily, even though it is a light color.
  8. I love mine!! I just treated the vachetta (as I do with all of my bags) with Shining Monkey to prevent water spots, etc.
  9. Hm, you can always try it out and then if you decide you don't like it bring it back for something else in that pattern? The only thing that turns me off from the azur speedies are the light handles and how it will look once they darken, but hey that's just me. :shame:
  10. I brought mine back because I worried about the patina turning really dark and then I wouldn't want to carry it anymore.. and also I carried it out and I thought it was really tiring to carry it by hand.. so I opted for a Balenciaga instead! It was really tricky to get my wallet out smoothly while paying. (I think I'm just not use to the speedy). I finally saw someone else at the mall carrying a 30.. and it looked great on her. But I could also tell she was a little weary from lugging it around. LOL. I still have my pochette and cles.. as long as I have something from the Azur collection, I'm happy!
  11. I love mine I am kinda the opposite, I can't wait to get patina. I am kinda reluctant to carry it now because it's so pale .
  12. IMO, I think since your'e in Vancity, I would go for a damier or epi just b/c you don't have to worry about vachetta!

    like you said, maybe better off getting a pochette accessories, cles, or wallet from azur instead of a speedy....hope that helps!
  13. aww sorry to hear, I think cambon bowler is a great bag also though. I still love my azur speedy, just since I got my baby cabas it's hardly been used. The handles are getting darker a little and I don't mind it. Being careless about things sometimes I was scared to get a hand held bag, especially with vachetta, the azur speedy is my first hand held bag so I was paranoid at first.
  14. I LOVE the black/white cambon bowler...it's so HOT...I vote for the bowler!!! Even though I really like the Azur speedy too...