I'm going to do it!

  1. Screw saving money, I've been saving since I was a baby! I need a REWARD!! :lol: Tomorrow I'm ditching school, taking the train to Copenhagen and BUYING THAT LV AGENDA!! :biggrin: (Amanda and Cristina, your agenda purchases inspired me :P )

    In six months I'll be married and settled down, THIS is my time to be irresponsible!!

    Right?? :sick:

  2. YOU GO GIRL !!!!!
  3. wee hee! have fun NOW not later!!! you go girl!
  4. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. This is why I love this forum! :biggrin:

  6. you'll love it! it makes me smile just to look at it, it's just so whimsical and girly and fun. plus it's totally less expensive than a bag! congrats!
  7. yey!!!!;) I am going to do shopping this week too more yey!:biggrin:
  8. Woohoo, Swedie! Spend that money :P Hey, you only live once, right? Are you getting the MC agenda, or the Vernis? I was just about to call LV to make sure everything is okay with my order and that it was shipped out today :biggrin:
  9. I don't KNOW!! I think I need to see both in the store before I make up my mind.. Probably the MC, I love all the pretty colors :love:
    Hope you'll get yours tomorrow!! :biggrin:

    I'm calling LV tomorrow morning to make sure they have what I need, if not I'll have to wait until next week when I'm going to Stocholm :suspiciou
  10. Honey, you only get one life, and money is non-transferable once its over. Enjoy yourself!
  11. mega dittos!! :nuts:
  12. I like that argument!! :biggrin:
  13. What are you getting? :biggrin:
  14. Well, its the argument I'm using on myself. Just bought myself an iPod video, and will be purchasing a Balenciaga fairly soon. Why not?:biggrin:
  15. *Waving fist in the air*
    Go Swedie Go Swedie Go Swedie