I'm going crazy...which speedy to buy?

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  1. Would you guys buy a mono canvas speedy or the damier speedy if you had the choice? Help!!!:huh:
  2. Def. MONO!:love:
  3. I was going to post a similar thread. I can't decide, either!
  4. I can't decide on the 25 or the 30...*sigh* lol. I already know I want the mono :biggrin:
  5. damier for me......partially because i have a mono in a larger size, but also because i love how low maintenance the damier is :lol:
  6. Ummmm....

  7. Put it this way - I wish I'd known the Damier was going to be the same price as the Mono before I bought my 30. Not that I'd give up my mono baby now, but I wouldn't have bought it first.
  8. I'd go with the mongram 30...For an extra $20 you are getting some more room. ;)
  9. Mono!
  10. To me, the mono 30 is like the base line speedy.You have it to anchor your speedy collection.I carry the 35 almost all the time,but still love the 30.So my answer is MONO.
  11. I'd definitely go with the monogram speedy 30...
  12. I had the same question and decided on the mono Speedy 30. (buying it after work!!!!!!!!!!!) I like the Damier look but think I prefer it in a more structured bag, like the Ribera.
  13. Mono.
  14. i vote for the damier! :smile: it's more unusual? :smile:
  15. I vote Mono... I don't care for the leather on the Damier line!
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