I'm getting that feeling again......

  1. ......I'm sure you know that feeling...the one you get after you JUST got a new bag, which you love, but you ALREADY have a new one picked out......well, I have that feeling. Fellow Coachies, I have a problem.

    Anyway, I have already picked out what I want next, but there is a problem....I was put on a ban until April.......well tonight, for school I had to purchase a $400 program which included powerpoint and windows and all kinds of junk...but I needed it...so my ban may be pushed back even LONGER:wtf: I'm not sure, but hubby and I will have to see how things go....

    Anyway, sorry this post is so long, I'm getting to the point, I swear! I want the Medium Carly in Khaki/bronze....I think she is just the sexiest bag ever right now. My problem is, I'm on a ban until April, possibly longer.

    My question is, Does anyone know how long this bag will be available? SA's, do you know if it will be deleted? I don't wanna miss out.

    Here's the bag I'm talking about, just for some eye candy:biggrin:

  2. I am sorry you had to spend your coach money on stupid computer junk :lol: If I were you I would keep my eye on eBay for it. You just never know whey you can get a killer deal on there. I can keep my eye open for you. I am on there everyday :p
  3. lol I already knew what you were going to say before u posted it haha.. your just like me.. always wanting another bag..
  4. LOL! Thank you, I appreciate that! Yeah, stupid computers!!!!
  5. Oh I am so sorry you just had to buy that stuff, but duty calls, right... being an adult is oh so fun sometimes. :rolleyes: You are so smart to not just put it on a credit card or something. I hope that bag will be around for you, I would think it will be. Sending wishes for you! :tup:
  6. *sigh* yes, I seem to be never satisfied....ughhhh......it poses a problem sometimes:lol:
  7. Oh yes, do I know THAT feeling! Its exciting, but yet terrible at the same time! Haha!
  8. Well atleast you have some new beautiful things, but I know what you are talking about all too well. :tdown:
  9. That is a great bag!!! So sorry you have "that feeling"!
  10. I am well acquainted with that feeling and I also feel your pain with buying ridiculously expensive, and unfun, stuff for school. Beyond the incredible cost of tuition, it just seems like they tack on so many extras too, I so know how you feel! Stay strong...one day this will all be worth our struggling right now. Good luck getting your Carly-one thing I've come to learn in the past year since I discovered Coach. I can almost always find that MUST HAVE bag later on eBay if I need to so I don't stress myself out if I can't get something right now.
  11. Oh LA...I too know that feeling...Can't the kids go 1 more month without lunches???
  12. :wtf: :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. I constantly have this feeling!! That's why I have so many bags... you know how I sold some off on ebay... yeah.. they have all been replaced with different ones so the point was moot. LOL!
  14. Thanks for the good wishes! Yeah, being an adult is oh so fun:hysteric: I hate being responsible! lol...
  15. Yes! Exactly!!! Not only do you shell out anywhere from $400-600 for books, but you also have to have a certain program to write papers, you points will be deducted and yada yada........ugh! I keep telling my self the end result will be worth it....:wacko: