i'm feeling impulsive....

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  1. which means, ladies and gent(s), it's time for an impulse buy!

    so give me your best recommendations, under $800, i don't care what color or style, although i prefer leather shoulder bags usually.

    large, small, bright green, whatever. i have no specific use for it, and no specific need, i just want fun!

    i knew that you guys would be the ones to come to for this, hehe.
  2. Whenever I feel an impluse buy comming on I head to the Nordstrom by me. Who ever the buyer is there, they have their finger on the pluse of the trends. Each one is a really good bag. Even their own label has great (reasonably priced) bags. There was a snake skin hobo that was really cool. They carry trendy or classic bags. They also have a TBD department (to be discovered). I've found great Ipa-Nima bags there. And really good stuff.

    Anyway, I wander around the 2 different purse departments and if that doesn't do it for me, I scour the manequins in the store to see what purses the dressers put on them. Sometimes there is a sought after bag that someone forgot was on the display. I've gotten some great stuff there.

    My last impulse buy was a Vuitton wallet. The one which zips and can hold passport and traveling papers. Looks like an agenda book. Holds everything.
  3. unfortunately i'm stuck in a college town that i otherwise love, so i have to do all my high-end shopping online or find a day to drive to atlanta.
  4. That stinks, impluses are so much better in person.
  5. I just posted a BEAUTIFUL Bulga bag for about $600... What do you think about it??

    I'd buy it if I could impulse buy right now!!!!
  6. I agree with Megs...the new Bulga is lovely.
  7. i like it...but don't love it. the spring quilty pleasures is available again on NM, and i'd buy it this minute if i had an AmEx, but unfortunately i only have Visa and NM has no love for Visa.
  8. Wrong Wrong Wrong!!!! If you buy from neimanmarcus.com then you can use your Visa!!! I wish you would have known that. :sad:

    I think the Quilty as Charged has sold out but I would call the 1-800 number for neimanmarcus.com and check!!!!!

    I hope you can get it....i remember you talking about it with me in another thread a couple of days ago.
  9. oh my god you just made my day
  10. haha! i made my impulse purchase and my cream-and-brown quilty pleasures is on it's way to me :biggrin:
  11. I'm glad u got it :P
  12. Amanda, how big is the cream/brown IF quilty pleasure? I can't tell from NM's webite. Thx.
  13. Yes....but lookie what I just found~
  14. from what i understand it's quite large, but i've never seen one in person. can any owners help out with this one?
  15. i thought about that one for a few minutes, but i'm a hobo girl all the way.