I'm desperate! Need shop that ships to Europe! :(

  1. I really need this bag! But eLuxury does not ship to Europe! :wtf:
    This must be from new collection and actually didn't find it to ANY other shop... :confused1:


    Can anybody help PLEASE?
    Do you know any shop that I could order this bag?
    Or ANY other way I could have this bag in Europe??
    Thank you!
  2. thanks for your answer! Only NM has it, but only in "Tobacco" color...

    Seems like this bag only exists on eluxury... :s
  3. net-a-porter.com - im pretty sure they are based in Europe :biggrin: I know they stock authentic Fendi but you can always try and see if they stock the bag you want!
  4. With Harrods you need to ring them, its no good going on their website. Your best bet is to ring Harrods their direct number is 02072256601 I do not know where you are from so you might have to put some numbers before this and leave of the 0 if not in the UK. If you ask for Monica, she is their on Saturday, shes the manager, if she does not have the bag she more than likely can get it for you, hope this helps.
  5. thank u so much people! i really appreciate your great help!

    this online site has this bag only in brown color! :s

    Maybe I'll have to call Monica! ;) But how can I describe this bag to her? Is there a special code that will help her understand? (Sorry it's the first time I deal with purses, I'm a guy and want this bag for a gift lol)
  6. aw how sweet, gosh you are having a time, aren't you? I wish you the best of luck in getting this bag.
  7. :smile: Thank you! I never expected it was gonna turn out to be such an adventure! :p
  8. You need to get the name of the bag, ask eluxury, but like Chloe said they have this bag in blue on browns website, I saw it myself this morning, they send worldwide. Type in the word Fendi on their site and the bag is their, if they have sold out give Monica a ring, if you have the bag name she will get it for you.
  9. Unfortunately, "Browns Fashion" replied my email about this bag in white-blue tellin me that they "will not be stocking the bag in white and blue"...

    Seems like my last hope is Monica from Harrods! :smile:
  10. Where are you located in Europe?
  11. Greece.
  12. If anyone can get the bag Monica can, she is in work today Saturday. Harrods opens at 10.00a.m. do not know what the time difference is. Good Luck