I'm desperate! Need shop that ships to Europe! :(


Jul 18, 2006
Unfortunately, "Browns Fashion" replied my email about this bag in white-blue tellin me that they "will not be stocking the bag in white and blue"...

Seems like my last hope is Monica from Harrods! :smile:
Any luck in obtaining this bag from Monica?

Do you know somebody in the USA that could buy the bag for you from Eluxury, and then ship it to Greece? The only problem with Greece is, that they have very high import fees for luxury items coming from the USA. You may have to pay a large amount of custom fees on top of the original price. It would be easier, if you could find the bag in Europe somewhere.
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Nov 21, 2007
hey people! I really appreciate your concern! Thanks so much for asking! Really!

I did't call Monica yet. Actually I'm a bit concerned that if Monica finally gets the bag for me, I will have to give out my credit card number instantly. And I'm not quite sure if I want to make this transaction over the phone... I mean what if bag gets lost in the mail... or somethin goes wrong? It's not a $5.000 bag, but beeing myself a university student, even $600 would be a risk for me.

I have relatives in the US, but transferring money from a european to a US bank is too expensive. It is also a kinda "personal" issue. If I ask my relatives to receive the bag from eLuxury and then re-ship it to me, it will be a bit rude not explain them what exactly is in the packet and why I want it shipped to me through them... It's not a secret but I'd prefer to keep this story for me... :smile:


Mar 13, 2007
well, I can understand why you wouldn't want to bother your relatives in the US with helping you with the bag, depending on how close you are with them, don't know if they would feel imposed upon or not.I don't know Monica, but I would feel comfortable giving my credit card info to her over the phone, (I'm just assuming your credit card offers buyer protection) they can insure the package, I believe, in case anything happened to it. just my 2 cents. keep us posted.