1. Hi everyone,
    Here are the pictures of my bags. Some of them are new, some are old and some are vintage! But I think the gorgeous one is the Chloe Paddington. The rest looks so boring, dont u think?:biggrin:
    The last picture is my non designer collection. I love them just like I love the rest of my designer bag:love:
    PICT2548.jpg PICT2549.jpg PICT2551.jpg PICT2550.jpg PICT2523.jpg
  2. I really like your collection! So well-rounded! A bit of everything :love:
  3. very nice!
  4. Very nice collection, but you're going to need a bigger couch!!!
  5. yeah I think I like the paddington best in your collection to :smile:
  6. I love your bags..such a varied collection..very nice.
  7. very nice. thanks for showing!
  8. You've got a great variety. Thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  9. You've got quite a collection! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  10. I like your collection! There's somethign for every occassion there!
  11. Oh I Looooove your collection ! I was eying the same Dior purse, the little saddle ! Do you find that it's small at times ? I usually carry a Louis Vuitton pochette and it just seems like that the bag may be a tight squeeze.. but it's so adorable !
  12. Hey Ayla,,
    The little Dior saddle is very very cute and i find its very small as well. I cant use it for daily use, because i always have lots of things to carry..heheh...
  13. Thanks girl for viewing...;)
  14. Oooh very nice :smile: It's the first time I've seen the paddy with white seams, but I'm just learning about those :P I like it, wish I could afford one right now :Push:
  15. Nice collection...and I really like the Mulberry bag.